New Cuddles, New Driver, & New Listing Images

New Cuddles, New Driver, & New Listing Images

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 05/17/24

I’ve always fancied myself a dog person, but I think that’s changed recently. I definitely identify as a cat person now so we’re thinking of adding one to the family. We looked at a pretty little guy this week named Monster. We may want a kitten, though, so the transition from a non-Kamper life to a very-Kamper life goes smoother. 

I’d love a Maine Coon, but I’m not having luck getting a hold of the breeder near us. If anyone knows of one, please reach out! We’d also prefer a rescue if possible.

Friday, we went bowling with friends in Littleton. I always forget how fun that is. 

Saturday was a baseball day for Bridger. They won a game and lost a game. On Mother’s Day, there were more games, so we bolted out the door to get there, but they got rained out. It was in Louisville, a super cute little area with awesome eateries and bakeries. I got myself some sourdough bread that was eaten in 5. 

Anyhow, with the rainout, we ended up getting to visit Tag’s grandma and going to see the new movie Fall Guy. It was a great day. How about you, mamas? 

Oh, and the week’s highlight: Adam is officially a legal US driver! This is super exciting news for us! 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

There's a big photo shoot coming up for the large listing! I’m getting some flowers for the front yard, and everything is falling into place so nicely. We’re going the distance for this one with aerial shots, videos, twilight shots, just, all of it. I can’t wait to see the outcome and share it with you guys. 

Got some other irons on the fire that I’ll detail when the time is right!

The market is going strong, and the listings priced correctly are getting snagged quickly. Let me know if you’re interested in buying or selling your home!

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