I’m Ba’aaack!

I’m Ba’aaack!

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 08/17/23

I’m back from Sweden! My luggage was lost, I’ve since gotten it back, but it was a pretty lousy process on the airport’s part; however, my friend Dottie got me a luggage tracker for our Africa trip, and so I used that and could see where it was the whole time. It was kinda cool, actually. So, shout out to Dottie!

It was really fun to see my family, even in the not-really-fun weather. My brother, Adam, may be coming back to the USA. Like, to live. And my eldest sister is coming out next week, which will be super fun. She’s just visiting. It’ll be just her solo, so it’ll be great to get in some sister time. 

It’s nice to see Kamper. He got a haircut, and he looks like Mozart. I dig it. We’re going to PetSmart in Golden (on Youngfield) these days, and Leo is our groomer; he’s so awesome. He loves Kamper, and the feeling is mutual. So, go see Leo if you’re in need of a Mozart’ish haircut for your dog. 

This weekend, I’m helping a client host a yard sale! I LOVE yard sales. I love going to them. I love working them. Everything about them rocks. When I was growing up in Milford, CT, my best friend Amanda’s mom, Lorrie (who had the coolest house with a billion animals- an iguana, goats, a pig, zillions of dogs, a rat- the works), would take us to yard sales all the time. I remember Lorrie would get all done up wearing heels and Cool Water Woman perfume. It’s one of my favorite memories. Anyway, I’m stoked for Saturday!

And in the meantime, I’m just getting back into the swing of things. It’s good. I’m back at CrossFit on the reg, which I always love. Oh! And the Airbnb in Florida is fully booked all month long! I’m so happy. Good stuff. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

Lots going on. I may be listing a property soon that I need a UTV to tour clients in. It’s a 26 acre horse property off Pleasant Park. I love it. That’ll be really fun. The property is stunning, so I’m looking forward to telling you about it when it’s ready. 

Other stuff in the works that I’ll fill you in with once I can…

Annual Client Appreciation Scavenger Hunt!

Okay, guys! It’s the Annual Client Appreciation Scavenger Hunt! Mark your calendars. I’ll be contacting my clients and database; all can participate for a chance to win a cash prize. It’ll take place between Idaho Springs and Georgetown. 

You go to stores, museums, and restaurants, make a small purchase and get points when you do. The team with the most points wins the cash prize. Please reach out if you want to participate so I can get you the card for the point system. 

It’ll be on September 30th and October 1st, so it will be incredibly pretty outside with the changing leaves and brisk weather; plus, you’ll get to experience some great shopping in the cutest towns with views you don’t see from the city! Please check it out; I know you’ll be glad you did!

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