Closings, Listings, & Some Sweets Mixed In

Closings, Listings, & Some Sweets Mixed In

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 02/1/24

Tag and I are taking dance classes, and the first couple have been way more fun than I thought they’d be. We took dance classes right after I had Bridger, and needless to say, I was not a fan of all the mirrors. I think I may have had some PTSD from that. Now, though, I’m cool, so bring on the two-steppin’.

We actually had a super busy (and awesome) weekend: Some friends went out with Tag and me for Chinese, and I’m always up for a great Chinese with great company. I mean, who isn’t? 

Then, Izzio, anyone? It’s a bakery in Denver, and I went with one of my besties. I mean, just WOW. My mouth is still watering. I had to bring some goodies home; they lasted 1.3 seconds.

And the fam and I went to the good, ol’ standby, Benihana, for some yummy Hibachi before heading to Manitou Springs for a day of fun and sweets. We also toured Briarhurst Manor Estate, which was super cool. Word is it’s in foreclosure so we were checking things out to see if there might be some opportunity. Spoiler alert… there is, but it’s way too far of a commute.  

On a not-so-cool note, Bridger is starting PT on his shoulder, which is still bothering him from a broken collarbone in December. Because of it, he can’t do band, CrossFit, or baseball, and his hobby has now become moody pre-teen. Please, PT, work. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I got a call for a listing this week from a new client who got one of my postcards. (It’s always nice to learn that a marketing strategy works.) Her house is in Pine, and it’s lovely! Looking forward to working on this one. 

Saturday, I had a couple of showings with a client looking for a little condo. Anyone have one they wanna unload?

And I have a land listing active today. It’s in Douglass Ranch (in Pine). There are some truly gorgeous views of several mountain ranges. It’s an incredible lot, and I think it’s the last one in the subdivision. Get in touch if this sounds good to you; I’d love to take you to see it. 

Upcoming: Twilight open house/food drive/cocktail party for a client in Castle Rock. It’s a beauty of a place, so you’ll wanna check it out! Tomorrow, February 2nd, 4:30pm - 6:30pm.

Finally, my other two contracts are going well; just waiting for closings!

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