California Love for This Colorado Realtor

California Love for This Colorado Realtor

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 02/22/24

Currently, I’m sitting in LA, where the high today will be 71 and sunny. I mean, YES! Not to rub it in, but it’s pretty stunning. I’m at my coaching event with other participants from the Bali trip, and when I say it’s amazing, it’s an understatement. 

As you know, I love learning about myself and finding new ways to implement good things in my life, as much for me as for my family, friends, and clients. I think this course will greatly benefit everyone I encounter, so I’m genuinely excited to put it to good use. 

Tag and the boys are home, holding down the fort. They’re all doing great. Bridger’s completely healed and rocked 3 days skiing Loveland exactly 2 months post collar bone break. And Sterling is well on his way to french fry turns. 

We have spring break coming up. What are you guys doing? We’re taking the boys down south to the F. L. A. among other places to see friends and family. I know they’re both looking forward to fun in the sun. Although, this snowy winter, we’ve actually done a lot of snow-related activities, and it’s been nice. But, as usual, I’m so ready for spring. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

While away this week, my work partner is helping me out back home. Things are running smoothly, so I’m incredibly grateful for our commitment to helping each other! 

I have a few things in the works, but nothing I can share at the moment. And all my current projects are progressing well; inspections have gone well, closings have been on time, all the good stuff. 

Looking forward to jumping back into the Colorado real estate world with some new ways of viewing my job, people, and life in general after this coaching trip is complete!

See you soon!

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