Bringing in the New Year with Some Fun & Some Listings

Bringing in the New Year with Some Fun & Some Listings

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 01/5/24

Happy New Year! Hope yours was fabulous. Ours was low-key and perfect. A friend came over, and we hung out for a bit; then she left, and we went to bed. See? Perfect. 

Last week, the fam and I went to Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glennwood Springs. It was so nice. We all had such a good time. There were loads of options, and the facility was great; it was very clean and kid-friendly but had adult-only areas. You should check out this place if you’re a hot springs person. 

We went ice fishing, too, which was a cool experience (literally, ha, get it?), but we didn’t catch anything. 

How was your Christmas? Was it traditional? Did you try anything new? We did! I didn’t feel like cooking, so we headed to The Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and a show. Not the norm, but it was a lovely day. 

I know I was gone for a bit, but I’m ready for the kids to get back to school and for the routine to begin. Tag and I have been working, and the kids are bored, so I think they’re ready to return to school, too. 

I’ve been sticking to my cold showers! Remember? I told you guys about that before I left for Bali. I even took them while there. I’m on day 52! I actually really like it. It resets your nervous system, so I genuinely feel that I get less worked up and stressed out. 

And I’ve started the Miracle Morning back up. I used to do this a while back and felt that impacted my day for the better, but then, you know, life. So, I’m starting again and doing it for a longer period. I already feel better. 

Okay, intermittent fasting, thoughts? Go… I’m trying it now—16 hours of no eating with an 8-hour eating window. 

My mom’s 80th birthday is next week, so my sisters and I are taking her to a spa day. Very excited about that. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

One of my listings recently went live (we took it off the market and just put it back on at the same price but with a $20,000 fix). 

And I’m about to list a condo in Castle Rock (it’s a really nice one; pictures coming soon!), and that client is looking at a house in Genessee, allegedly previously owned by a professional hockey player. 

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