Dancing With Strangers and Other Shenanigans

Dancing With Strangers and Other Shenanigans

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 04/11/24

Hey-ho, one of my closest friends is getting married, and I’m absolutely thrilled! Looking forward to the big party for sure, but super excited for the married couple-to-be.

Speaking of parties, Tag and I went to a group dance class and stayed for the “dance party” after. I was really not too keen on dancing with strangers, which was part of it, so I was a bit apprehensive. It was… interesting. We walked in and had to dance with strangers immediately. I mean, I dunno, don’t recommend. 

It was like a social experiment that I would have preferred to watch rather than partake in. 

Coaching sessions are moving right along! I only have a few more to go, but I think the guinea pigs have already been chosen, so we're all set there. Part of our homework this week was to play and so I did. I guess my idea of play involves painting so that’s what I did. Before you get too impressed keep in mind it’s a Paint-By-Numbers. I think it came out pretty well, if I do say so. Very meditative. 

I have the second part of the course on the horizon, and I’m getting my ducks in a row for that. It’s in LA in June, and I’ll be seeing a friend/former client there, so that’ll be great. 

Did you see the eclipse? Thankfully we just happened to have a welding shield, so that worked out perfectly!

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

Two listings went live last week, and we got multiple offers on both, thank you very much. 

One was vacant, and I staged it. Lemme tell you, it looked amazing. I was so impressed. Tag helped out, and that place looked incredible. It went for over-asking. Love it. The other was occupied, but the stager still helped out by telling them what to do. We’ve gotten five offers (still getting calls for it, actually), but we accepted an over-asking for that one, too. Woo-hoo!

We’re under contract on both and everything is moving along well. 

I went to see the cutest little house in Arvada with a new client, and we put in an offer with great terms. We can’t go higher in price, but there are other ways to sweeten the pot. 

Keep that in mind when making an offer. If you can’t get more money together, see if there are other concessions you can make that will make your offer stand out. My listing clients have often taken lower prices based on excellent terms and excellent communication between the parties because in the end you want the transaction to go through and good terms are like an insurance policy for the sellers.

You’ve heard it before; I’m gonna say it again: communication is key.

Finally, we’re looking at a home today that is already under contract with another buyer but my buyers wanted to see it just in case it fell through. Well, they love it and the listing agent is open to a backup offer so I think that’s the route we are going to take. In this scenario, if the first contract falls through then my guys would automatically go under contract without skipping a beat. Fingers crossed folks, fingers crossed!

I was supposed to have a closing on Wednesday, but there’s a septic line problem, and it’s just been a nightmare on so many levels. I scheduled someone to come out, but the sellers wanted to get their own person out, but they couldn’t get there till today. Ugh… 

And the communication they’re providing is way below par, so that’s not helping the situation. My client doesn’t live here, so she’s had to extend her stay numerous times now. I hope this sewer issue is an easy fix so the rest can go smoothly, and all of this time put in was for a good cause. On the bright side my clients are such troopers and have been making the absolute best of everything. 

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