A Warm Escape & Market Heat-Up

A Warm Escape & Market Heat-Up

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 01/11/24

Tag got a deer while hunting last weekend, and that’s pretty awesome. I want to start eating wild food like that. Did you watch You Are What You Eat on Netflix? Yikes. I like deer meat, so it’s a win. Deer jerky, anyone? Yes, please. 

While in Bali, I ate a lot of vegan food, too, and it’s not that bad. I think a more plant-based diet is good. We’ll see how it goes…

Speaking of Bali, I have a reunion phone call with the Bali crew next week, and I’m so looking forward to it. One of my buddies from there is competing in a massive golf tournament, and we’re all going to watch it together to cheer him on. If he wins, he’ll come to the Masters tournament. LET’S GO, Juan!

So, new year, new kitchen. Not really a new kitchen, but a cleaner one. I found this old juicer and, I mean, let the juicing commence. Sterling even loved (some of) what we made. It was delicious. We started with apples and ginger (so good), then moved on to beet, ginger, and apple. I lost the kids with this one (they never returned). Then, carrot juice, and next carrot and beet. I’m on board with this stuff; Tag and I liked our concoctions. 

Got to see my bestie recently! I went to Philly on the way to my mom’s birthday party for a quick visit, and it was so fun- short, but fun. Then went from there to Myrtle Beach, where I am now, to see Mom and my sisters are joining us today, too. Her place is so lovely! Charming, sweet spot near the beach. Tomorrow is spa day. Love it. I’m for real on a massage kick at the moment. And why not? 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

A couple of years ago, this scam went around; where people tried to sell land they didn’t own. They’d call agents and ask them to write up a contract, and it could get really far in the process, but they were fake people selling vacant land that wasn’t theirs to sell. It might still be happening actually.

A scammer contacted me to do this, and I knew that was super fishy. I looked up the land, found the actual owner's info, and let them know. Lo and behold, two years later, that person I contacted contacted me to sell that land. How crazy.

It’s a beautiful lot in Pine with views of Pike’s Peak. It’s in a prestigious development. Await more news, please, you won’t be disappointed. 

I recently listed a condo for a regular client hoping to buy a house in Genessee. A home that a professional hockey player previously owned. We’re putting an offer in today, so fingers crossed.

Finally, there have been some showings on two of my three listings, which is excellent. The market is certainly starting to heat up some now. It will peak in May and over the summer, so it’s time to get going, folks!

Looking forward to this year. I think it’ll be great for buyers and sellers. 

Upcoming Events

  • Casino Night- For those 21 and older looking for a close-to-home Vegas experience, here you go!
  • Watch Party: Taylor Swift The Eras Tour- She’s everywher, and now she’s at the Elevation Yarn, too- this event has it all: music, community, art, and, obviously, stitching. 
  • Come Together New & Full Moon Ceremonies- Get in all the feel-good vibes and healing properties you can at these Taspen’s ceremonies. 
  • Ice Fishing- If sitting quietly in the freezing temps of Colorado waiting to catch your dinner is on your 2024 bucket list, this is for you. 
  • Pay-What-You-Wish Days- Clyfford Still Museum is making it easier to get your culture on, so take them up on it. 

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