Parties, Puppies, & Busy Real Estate in Colorado

Parties, Puppies, & Busy Real Estate in Colorado

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 01/25/24

It’s been a great week! Hope yours was, too. 

Last Thursday, I spoke with the developer I’ve been speaking with for over 2 years regarding that massive project that’s going up. A bunch of homes will be built on many acres of land, and the developer needs an on-site realtor. Things are moving slowly but good things are worth waiting for; so they say.

My friend and client, who has a marketing company, is helping me put together a newsletter just for him regarding the updates about the project. So, that’s the plan. It all seems to be moving along, just a bit slower than this girl is used to operating.

I got to talk to two of my girls (my soul sisters) from Bali the other day. That was so nice. I’ll see one of them at the coaching event in LA, and I’m really looking forward to that.

KW had their holiday party last weekend. It was very fun. I won a mug. Never too many mugs, I always say. Tag and I made a date night of it. Bridger babysat, and it went shockingly well. We took the boys swimming at the rec center for a reward (and they got money, too, of course, because, you know, bribery). But it was a good family-filled weekend. 

My friend Lisa has a puppy she’d love to give us, and I’m pretty much in love. But, man… Another dog? Is it a good idea? It’s really amazing to cozy up with the little girl, though. I think I’d be one of those puppy parents who just takes her with me everywhere, in a sweatshirt or something. 

I’m hosting a Zoom meeting about female empowerment today, then going out with Tag for some dance lessons. So today should be a fun, enlightening day.

Shout out to my client and business idol, Roger. Happy, happy birthday, coming up on Saturday!

If you’re looking for some brain food, I’m loving this podcast called The Genius Life hosted by Max Lugavere. So much good science and nutrition info. Love it! You should check it out too if you’re into that sort of thing. Here’s a link!

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

Last Friday, we had inspections at a house my client wants, and they went… okay—less than impressive. But we negotiated a better price, and my client still wants it. He has yet to sell his condo. We got an offer, but it wasn’t up to par, so we gave it a pass. 

We got some photos for my land listing, so I’ll get those out this upcoming Tuesday. Last week, overall, was absolute madness. Work was so busy, lots of stuff in the works! I’ll keep you in the loop as they unfold. 

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