Back to Work with Home Listings & Home Buyers in Colorado!

Back to Work with Home Listings & Home Buyers in Colorado!

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 03/7/24

We’re home from Vegas, and just finished my first week of homework from the coaching event. It’s a lot. Reading, movies, thinking, writing, repeat. It is interesting work, though. I don’t mind it. It’s just a lot to do in not enough hours. 

On top of that, we have to practice coaching. So, I did find a friendly volunteer who allowed me to do my first session with her. It went very well. I truly believe she got a lot out of it, and I felt great afterward. It’s nice to help someone and provide ideas that can improve their life. 

Remember that intuitive painting I had made while in Vegas? I promised you a picture, so here you go! 

Anyway, it’s pretty big, and when we flew back–on Frontier–they wanted us to pay a carry-on fee for it or fold it up and put it in my luggage! As if! It’s an original painting; it can’t be folded. I hid it in my jacket, and it’s a miracle no one stopped me. The moral: Frontier is no good. I’ve had numerous bad experiences with this airline. The hidden fees and can’t-do attitudes are not worth it!

On to better times. Bridger’s baseball team is doing well; they’ve won two and lost two. And he had a band recital the other night. They’re getting really good! As for Sterling, he had a birthday party that was fun—at least, that’s what I heard. Tag hosted his little crew of eight while I took Bridger to his games. So, I’d say it was a solid win in my favor. 

In two weeks, we head to the East Coast for spring break! We’ll be popping around some, but we’re seeing our dear friends for a stint; they moved to Georgia in December. We’re all looking forward to that. 

Quick shout out to Casey! We’re headed to his baby shower this weekend. He introduced Tag and me, so you can do the math, or I can just tell you- he’s no spring chicken. He’s starting this endeavor at 41 years old! But we’re definitely here for it because he’ll be a great dad. So, Casey, call Tag with questions. 

Two more shoutouts: To my sister Jocelyn and my best friend Margaret- happy, happy birthdays, ladies!

Oh, and my brother is likely moving here and living with us! Exciting stuff on the horizon! 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I have a whole bunch of new clients, which is fabulous. I have two new listings and two new buyers. AND we lowered the price on my short-sale property (owned by HUD). The price is based on the appraisal, and we just got a lower price that’s way more reasonable. We’ve already gotten tons of calls and an offer. 

Plus, I have two closings coming up very soon that are going well. 

So, yes, work is going great at the moment! 

And if anyone is looking for a handyperson, reach out! Tag is open for business!

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  • Yoga at the Lake- Yoga with a view, yes, please. And bring your whole family. 
  • SKEA Warehouse Sale- Get next year’s winter essentials this year at a deep discount! 

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