Pies, Santa, & Closings!

Pies, Santa, & Closings!

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/9/23

I feel drained this week. Maybe it’s the weather or that a friend is moving away, or that therapy sessions are intense. Hey, maybe it’s all of it. But, man, what a week. 

Therapy is tough, you know? Sometimes I go in feeling great, and then doors are opened, and then I leave feeling not-so-great. It’s work. But I do believe it will all be worth it. I just want to be truly happy and self-aware and trauma-free. I mean, who doesn’t? 

Speaking of trauma, the kids had dentist appointments last week, and they are cavity-free, which is a first. So, I’m thrilled about that. Sterling had NINE cavities last time he went. NINE! C’mon, man. 

I had my CrossFit competition last weekend, and it was crazy! We came in third from last, but I’m really proud of us because some of those competitors are top athletes and super into it. Our team name is Here for the Snacks, so, I mean, that says it all right there. It was a fun experience, though, and we had a great time. 

Pie orders are here, friends! Reach out to get some yummy goodness. I’ll pass them out on the 18th at our Pictures with Santa and Food Drive event, which will be a great time, so please, pie or not, come on out and see us!

This weekend, I’m headed to the movies with my alumni group and Tag to see The Holdovers, a movie that was filmed at my school! Kinda cool. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

My Bailey property is still under contract and going well. Did you guys see the video I made last week about that cute little cabin? Well, a friend of mine saw it, loved it, offered on it, got it! Very cool. The inspection is coming up, but it’s looking good thus far. 

And the Lakewood house is now under contract, too. So, all is good there. We had a successful open house and got multiple over-asking offers. My clients are super stoked. So, now I’m looking for a place for my seller to live in Pueblo, hopefully. She’s looking for a mobile home. And she’ll have plenty of money after this, so good for her. 

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