Home Listings & Closings in Colorado, But Soon, Fun in the Sun

Home Listings & Closings in Colorado, But Soon, Fun in the Sun

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 03/14/24

Well, today is a snow day. We’ve been awake for 27 seconds, and the kids are fighting. It’s gonna be a good day; I feel it. 

Over the weekend, we went to Salida to that baby shower for the friend who introduced Tag and me. We were doing the math, and we’ve been friends for nearly two decades! Time, man. It really catches up with you, you know? Anyway, we saw loads of old friends there, and we enjoyed it so much.

And, of course, we had baseball games. Bridger is playing very well, which is good, but his team… not so good. Sterling had his Fun Run, and that’s always super cute. But other than that, it’s been a quiet week for the boys. 

Things are going nicely for all of us. My coaching program is moving right along. I’ve had three sessions so far, which have been very cool for students and me. And we’re all excited about our upcoming spring break trip! Bring it on because I’m done with the snow (and the snow days).

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

Here is every agent's dream, and it just happened to me: 

A lovely couple called me on Friday. They live out of town but stayed here at an Airbnb that is now for sale, and they wanted to buy it. They had no lender, so I hooked them up with mine. We got them under contract, and my roofer ran over to check the roof in anticipation of the snowstorm; the roof was fine. And, yeah, so we close on April 10th. I mean, I’ll take these transactions all day long. Oh, and they’re just the nicest couple. Bonus. 

I have two closings this week that are on target for quick and easy. Love it. And I’m showing a VERY nice house tomorrow, so fingers crossed that goes great, too! Keep all the good stuff coming my way, please!

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