Peace Out Baseball, It’s Almost Italy Time

Peace Out Baseball, It’s Almost Italy Time

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 06/27/24

It’s been busy getting ready for Italy and managing my homework for the coaching course, but things are getting checked off the list slowly but surely. Speaking of, I need to do more coaching sessions, so if anyone is interested or knows of someone who may be, please get in touch! 

It’s finally over. This baseball season, that is. We went to Steamboat Springs for Bridger’s last summer tournament. Last year, he and I went solo, but this time, the whole family went, and it was a nice little getaway, even though his team got totally smoked in 3 of the 4 games. They played more advanced teams (his is AA, and they played 3 AAA teams). They got some good plays and runs in, though. 

They also played another AA team and won after coming back from a 1-8 lead! It was intense. The final score was 10-8, and Bridger batted in those last two points, so that was really cool. He was so happy. 

And Sterling’s arm is healing up really well; he’s no longer in a sling. Just in time for our upcoming vacation, thankfully. 

Have you heard of the Oz Escape Experience? I got tickets a while back, and the event is Saturday. It’s a kid-friendly outdoor escape room. I have no clue how it’ll go, but I’ll let you know. I’m looking forward to it—something different. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

The big listing closed! All done. *slow hand clap*

I have a new listing that just went live, and we’ve got loads of showings scheduled already. This is great news because the market has slowed, and many houses are listed and sitting with little action. 

Things are tidying up nicely in line with our departure, but I’m glad I have my partner to help me while I’m away, so I’m still in action if anyone needs anything!

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