$4k Jean Jackets, Kute, and Trophy Heads

$4k Jean Jackets, Kute, and Trophy Heads

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 05/3/24

Kute Blackson, my life coach and guru, had an event in Lakewood that Tag and I attended last week. It was incredibly inspiring and fun to share what I’ve been learning with Tag. Kute came over and introduced himself to Tag, too, which was a sweet gesture. 

Adam, my bro, is here, and it’s great; he’s super helpful. He’s studying for the real estate course, and I know he’ll smash it. It’ll be pretty awesome once he’s licensed, and we can work together. 

There’s a Bali reunion call today that should be interesting. I’m looking forward to that. And then, Tag and I are competing in Mountain Games with my CrossFit gym on Cinco de Mayo. It comprises a bunch of weird events, like ax throwing. Should be fun. Oh, and one of the prizes is an ax. Sooooo… 

Adam found a fun event this weekend too, Thrift Con. Yep, a convention for all things used. One might think that means deals but I immediately found the most expensive thing; a $4,000 jean jacket. Needless to say I did not buy it as much as I did like it. I did buy a new pair of high waisted mom jeans for $25 (negotiated down from $30). My old ones are getting holes. 

Last Friday, we all went back to the timeshare in Breck. We rented the movie theater and had ourselves a cold plunge. It was a super fun time. Going up there is nice, as much as I hate paying for it. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I got the big listing! We’re excited and getting ready. It’s going to be stunning and I can’t wait to put it out there for all to see. At $2.9 million this home is an absolute steal. It’s a massive custom log home in West Ranch with loads of character and Denver views. 

There’s currently a bazillion trophy heads up, so Tag, Adam, and I are headed there this weekend to get those down and start prepping for showings. Can you say scaffolding?!

I had a closing yesterday on the smoothest transaction in the history of transactions. I’m so thrilled for my client who really deserved for it to go well. The house was staged, and we had a great public unveiling. The buyers LOVE the house and came in over-asking. Just, all of it: AMAZING.

A KW motto is “win-win or no deal,” and I really love it because it just keeps it all fair and keeps everyone nice, using great integrity and expectations. Can’t beat that.

I have a closing today, and that’s all lined up to go great. And I’m meeting with the stager at the big house later, too. So, yep, busy, busy. Like it. 

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