LA for Self-Growth, Vegas for a Realtor Convention (& Tag-Time)

LA for Self-Growth, Vegas for a Realtor Convention (& Tag-Time)

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 02/29/24

Currently, Tag and I are in Vegas at the KW convention. You wouldn’t think of Vegas as a place to decompress, but that’s precisely what we’ve done. 

I completed my coaching with my Bali friends in LA, and it was intense. We learned more about the techniques used on us during our retreat. It was a great start to the nine-month program! I’m excited. I’m nervous. It’s a lot. And there’s homework. 

I need to practice the techniques on acquaintances (no real estate clients, friendsql or family), so if you know of anyone, please have them reach out. It’s a 40-minute session, and I’ll try to help them through challenges, such as the decision-making process or things that are bothering them.

Anyway, there are 15,000 people here at the convention. Craziness. I met a real estate/life coach for the first time. I’ve been listening to his podcasts for a while now. I’ve taken his classes, and I’ve seen him speak before. It was incredible to meet him in real life. I want him to be my life coach, but not sure it’ll wind up happening. 

We saw this artist from Italy, Dario Agrimi from Rome, who does freestyle painting, and he took commissions. I asked him to think of my name and just tap into his intuition and come up with something. I ended up with an extraordinary painting. Stay tuned; the next post will have a picture of it. 

Tag and I also saw Tony and Mel Robbins speak. Mel offers her insights on the 5-second rule, which is a way NOT to avoid things. Basically, when you don’t want to do something, you count backward from five, and by the time you get to one, your mindset has changed ever-so-slightly, and you just do it. Give it a go. It works. 

We’ve enjoyed Vegas a lot. Lots of bumming around and taking in the sights. Did a bit of gambling. Won some, lost some. Good food. SkinnyFats. Heard of it? Yum. Met some new agents who are very interesting. It’s been super fun. 

There’s this crepe place here that’s my all-time favorite happy place. It was closed, proving that some places in Vegas do actually close. So, we stumbled upon an excellent ice cream spot. Just, wow. And we’re staying in a cute little dive hotel that’s been the ultimate sweet spot. Affordable, easy to navigate, and has terrific staff. I’ll be staying here in the future. Nirvana bed-and-breakfast if you’re curious. 

We saw the Sphere, this huge dome that projects images. Insane. Everything has been incredible, really. Too much to even write about. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

So, as mentioned above, I’ve been busy in LA and Vegas, but my partner has been holding down the fort back in Colorado. Everything is going well! I’m actually very eager to get home and back to my routine. 

I’m going to create a once-a-month newsletter for agents and share some tips and news. I think that’ll be really cool and expand my network, so that’s exciting. I learn so much all the time, I just want to share.

I’ll fill you in more on work stuff next week. There’s a cannoli calling my name…

Upcoming Events

  • Fry Days- Shrimp, fries, and pinot every Friday until March 22 for a great price at a great place!
  • Mojo Filter - Live Music- Head out for a night in Evergreen this weekend for some live rock, blues, and funk.
  • Chill Out Winterfest- Face the facts; it’s cold here in the winter, but let’s embrace it with this fun-filled day with all the winter activities!
  • Denver Zoo Pop Up & Play- A day of play with animals and dirt? Bring the kids and a change of clothes. 
  • Walk the Wetlands- Take a nice stroll along the South Platt River with two Master Birders for some excellent bird viewing and a bit of exercise. 

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