I’m Back & I’m Busy (Listing Homes & Selling Homes)

I’m Back & I’m Busy (Listing Homes & Selling Homes)

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 03/28/24

We’re home from our Spring Break traveling, and while it was a super fun time, it’s nice to be home. It was jam-packed full of people, and we honestly did not stop. It was fantastic to see friends and family, but I think the Busch Gardens day was the cherry on top. We got the fast pass. Worth it. Do it. 

We also got to see some hippos there; they were so cool. Dangerous creatures, but super impressive to see up close. 

We also had a great time visiting with my mom. We all enjoyed our time together. While in Florida, we celebrated Sterling’s birthday and my four years of sobriety. I can say for sure that stopping drinking was the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel so much more productive and driven. 

And hey! I’m not judging you if you drink. It just affected me horribly, so I’m happy to have it out of my life. Believe me, I have my vices. Have you heard me talk about my sweet tooth? 

We got a long booking (over one month) at our Airbnb, which is so great. Excellent tenants, paid upfront; the whole experience has been great thus far! You’ll hear if it goes south. 

Speaking of going south, anyone experienced wire fraud? I’m in the thick of it now. Not fun. There’s a hold on all my accounts, and I don’t like that, especially when I owe people money and have bills to pay. Ugh. Why, people? Why? I actually got a call from a hacker this morning telling me he had access and so did his hacker buddy. So, yeah, fun times.

On a much brighter note, after the big trip, I thought it was appropriate to get back into CrossFit, and it’s been excellent. I haven’t been going regularly for months, so it’s nice to be back. The early morning class is fire. I really enjoy it, and it’s a significant motivator for the day.

Family is good! Sterling had an adorable little recital, and man is that kid a ham. It was hysterical to watch him because he truly gave it his all. I think he’s made for the stage. Bridger is killing it with baseball, and it’s in full swing. Tag’s work is going well; if you need a handyperson, he’s handy, he’s a person. And my brother will be moving here, so shout out to Adam! Can’t wait!

My coaching program is moving right along. I have some people lined up to get their sessions in, and I enjoy doing them, so that’s exciting!

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I had a great showing yesterday and have two listings on the horizon. One is a 2/2 in Buffalo Creek; the other is a 3/3 in Conifer Mountain. Prices to come!

For my clients, I signed up for Homes.com, which is super helpful for listing. It basically means that my listings will go to the top of the list when people are searching for a house. 

Plus, it provides valuable insight into how many people view the listing and how many save it. This is quality feedback that can help optimize the listing to get better results. Win for my clients, win for the buyers. I’m literally getting thousands of views, so it’s a cool feature. Did I mention it retargets people that view the listings?!

If you’re looking to buy a house or sell a house, let’s connect!

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