Arrivederci ‘Merica, Ciao Italy

Arrivederci ‘Merica, Ciao Italy

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 07/4/24

Happy 4th of July, y’all! What are you up to? Not too much for us. Probably some fireworks, some food, and, obvi, some Tag, because it’s his bday! So, happy birthday to ma man! All those fireworks are from me to you, baby!

So, we went to that Oz Experience thing last weekend. It had a Wizard of Oz theme and was kind of an uber-grand scavenger hunt, but the kids weren’t super into it. But in the app you need to download for it, you can do all these other adventures, even in Italy. So, we’re gonna check out another one while we’re away in Venice that’s an entirely different theme. Should be cool.  

Well, only because Bridger is not to be outdone by Sterling; he decided to take a nasty spill on his bike while at a friend’s house this week. Luckily, he didn’t break an arm like Sterling, but it was terrible. He messed up his back, knee, arm… It’s like, we’re going on vacation in another country, so let’s everyone get hurt. Why not? 

My coaching sessions are going well, but I have, like, 20 left to do. So, if you’re interested, please let me know! I had my one-on-one with my coach today, and that went well once I could actually focus. I think this whole process is really going to pay off for my well-being. 

Adam is in Las Vegas at the moment. Our sister is there, too; she’s on a US trip, and he’s also picking up his girlfriend, who is visiting from Sweden. His GF will come back here with him and stay for a bit while we’re in Italy. 

Tag and I recently had a date night. We went dancing, putting our skills to the test. It was super fun. It was a group lesson, so you have to switch partners. All the men were older and incredibly awkward, but it was more funny than cringy. 

PSA: Sleep Number Beds are on sale! I think we’re gonna partake!

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I had some good showings on one of my listings and have gotten some great feedback about it, but buyers are just not snatching things up like they used to be. I do think that interest rates are a big part of that and once they come down, it’ll get a bit more aggressive out there. 

I know about an off-market property coming up: it’s 26 acres with a 5,000-square-foot house for $2M. It’s in Morrison and has A2 zoning, four separate lots, and three domestic wells. It’s got a lot going for it! I’ll keep you in the loop. 

Until next time, when I’ll be coming at you live from Italy, enjoy yourselves!

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