Real Estate Listings in a Winter Wonderland

Real Estate Listings in a Winter Wonderland

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 02/9/24

Happy belated birthday to my brother-in-law; I got a massage that day- just for you, buddy! I go to this fantastic spot in Golden, and lemme tell you, I got massages on three continents in 2023, and the best one was in Golden. So, go us!

Bridger’s PT is moving right along, and he’s improving every day. Shout out to Cathy, who is truly wonderful (she’s an agent and a PT, so that’s a duo I can get behind). Bridger is back in baseball and able to throw the ball again. He’s feeling stronger and better, thankfully.

I had lunch with Sterling at his school earlier in the week, and it was super cute. He was really excited I was there. I don’t know how long that will last, so I’ll take it. He had a friend spend the night last weekend who was the sweetest kid ever. And it’s so crazy that he’s already at sleepover age. 

This snow got some use from us! The fam went to our friend’s house to enjoy some skiing and sledding on her 25 acres. It was so fun to go down, but getting back up those hills, not so much. We also went sledding at Meyer’s Ranch; that’s always a blast. Sterling was an animal. Totally fearless. He lost his sled a few times, but lots of laughs that day. Next, we’ll be skiing on President’s Day weekend, so we’re all looking forward to that. Hellllloooo, Loveland. 

Have you ever tried time blocking? I’ve started doing it on my calendar, and it’s truly helpful and keeps me on task. Admittedly, it frustrates me when I can’t get to things, so I’ll need to let that go, but I love all the organization. And remember, if you erase, you must replace! 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

Ginger and I have officially started our working partnership, and it’s going great. I know this will make a huge difference in our stress levels and overall work habits, so  I’m super happy we have each other. It’ll be great for our clients and make life easier for all of us. 

And thank you, Starin, who referred me to my new buyer! They currently live in Glenwood Springs but are looking to buy a house in the foothills. It definitely looks like the Denver-area real estate market is picking up, right on schedule!

Other than that, there are some irons in the fire that I can talk about as they start moving forward. 

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