A Splash of Stress, a Pinch of Pain, & a Couple of Listings

A Splash of Stress, a Pinch of Pain, & a Couple of Listings

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 04/4/24

Oh, man, I think I’m finally on the tail end of the saga with my bank accounts getting hacked. It took about a week, but it was a super stressful one. I had to set up all new accounts and change all my passwords and all that stuff. But the kicker was that the hacker has been calling me nonstop. Ugh. What a mess. I have no idea what he thinks he’s going to get from me at this point.

My advice: Don’t use the same password for all your stuff! I don’t know if that’s why this happened, but just in case, don’t do it. And don’t use RocketMoney. That was one of the accounts they got into of mine. 

At least the weather has been beautiful the past few days! It was nice to look at it from my window, as I could hardly move because I pulled my back at CrossFit. It hurt—real bad. I had taken some time off and jumped back in full force, and that was where it all went awry. Better now, but back pain is no joke. I have to remember I am no spring chicken any more and I don’t have as much bounce as I used to.

Bridger’s baseball team lost last weekend; however, he made the honor roll, so we went to a nice little ceremony for him, and that cheered us all up. And Sterling had a birthday party at Slick City. That place is actually terrifying. His class also did a wax museum style performance where he was Abe Lincoln and it was the cutest. He remembered all his lines, not exactly in order, yet still, impressive. 

Easter was fun. I mean, I worked on my coaching stuff for a lot of it, but the candy was good. I also got some coaching sessions in this week, and those went so well. 

And here’s a quick shout-out to my husband: He’s just the best dad; he’s so in it with all of us, and I appreciate it loads. He’s incredibly selfless. I can’t imagine raising a family with any other human on earth. I’m just thankful. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

We had a rather stressful negotiation for one of my clients. Their listing agent was incredibly unavailable throughout the whole process, so we came to the table with nothing resolved; it took much longer than the norm, but it’s moving now. Hopefully, this last bit goes smoothly.

Two listings went live yesterday: an updated 1930s cabin in Buffalo Creek and a house on top of Conifer Mountain with views of Pike’s Peak. I love these properties. The open houses are coming up this weekend; come see me!

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