Closing, Listings, Brothers, Timeshares

Closing, Listings, Brothers, Timeshares

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 04/25/24

My brother has arrived! He got in last night, and we’re all so excited to have him here. He’ll settle in and get used to our routine, and then we’ll figure out our game plan. He’s got a girlfriend back in Sweden, so that’s a thing since he wants to live here in the States. It will be an interesting turn of events.

Okay, so we bought a timeshare. I'm not proud. Alas, here we are. One of the benefits is that we can use the Breckenridge Grand Hotel at Peak 8 parking, spa services and book last minute cheap rooms. We all went up last weekend and skied, had dinner, and enjoyed some time at the pool, sauna, and shuffleboard. I took a cold plunge, too. Oy. That’s intense. 

I mean, it’s cool because we can park there, too. So if we ski Breck regularly, there are many good things. 

We were actively trying to get out of this timeshare, but I think we’re coming to terms with it. Who knows, maybe we’ll love it? I dunno. 

No baseball for Bridger last weekend, but Sterling did have his first game ever, and it was adorable. He did pretty well, even connected with the ball a couple times. Also, adorable, he got in trouble at school, and a note was sent home saying he seems like a happy yet distracted kid. I mean, we’ll take happy. That’s good. He’s the artsy type. 

And all the coaching stuff is going so well. I’m truly enjoying these assignments and learning a lot. Excited to share it all with you guys!

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I have a listing appointment today with some past clients. We’re not sure it’ll go live ASAP; they have a highly specific zip code they’re aiming for, so we’re getting the ducks all lined up so the process can go smoothly should a house become available in their targeted community. 

Believe it or not, all three of my houses currently under contract are going great. We’ve gotten through some very low valleys and survived. It’s a miracle, but it’s happening!

Early this week, I had new clients call looking to sell their house (they found me online, which is always nice). I dropped by and saw the house, and things seem to be going in my favor. Word on the street is that they’re going to sign with me. Woohoo!

I had that big listing appointment this week, too. It’s a $3.5M home, so I got my girls involved to back me up. If I get it, it’d be a big responsibility that would take some serious marketing dinero. The sellers are so lovely, always a plus. It’d be great if they chose me to sell it, but no expectations. I’ll keep you posted. 

Upcoming Events

  • Earth Day Evergreen 2024- Evergreen’s annual Earth Day event has been rescheduled! It’s a day of family fun, and don’t forget to bring your recyclables for the Bag Lady. 
  • May Day Ladies Night- Nothing says Ladies’ Night like a discount on some fashion, little bites, and drinks with the gal pals. 
  • CRITICAL J AND THE C-MINUSES- Check out the versatile cover band that spans across genres, from Johnny Cash to Blink 182. You’re gonna wanna do some voice warmups en route to this show. 
  • Alice in Wonderland - The Ballet- If you loved watching Alice navigate the wonders of the Rabbit Hole onscreen, check out the performance onstage.  
  • Spring Seeds - mindful weekend retreat- Let’s get intentional with our bodies and minds at this yoga retreat that will do the soul good. 

Work With Victoria

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