Spring Listings with a Side of Snow Tires

Spring Listings with a Side of Snow Tires

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 10/19/23

Friday night, I went to a comedy improv show with some friends, and it was super fun. Live comedy always makes for such a good night. Every time, ok most of the time. Those shows are hit or miss. And it’s usually pretty inexpensive. So, bonus.

I went on a decently long, challenging hike over the weekend, which I enjoyed a lot, too. I always want to hike more, but, you know, life… It is on my list of things to make happen, though. 

So, Sterling had his baseball tryouts, and it was adorable. He’s really, like, super not good, so fingers crossed he makes the team because I know he’ll be pretty bummed if he doesn’t. Send the good vibes, friends!

And Bridger and I got in some good time at CrossFit. It’s cool to have that to do together. He roots me on with lots of “You got this, Mom!”s. It makes the gymgoers laugh. I love it. There’s a gym competition coming up that I’m working towards, Power Hour. It’s 12 workouts in one hour, and it’s… intense. Wish me luck. 

Okay, remember how I told you about my high school reunion’ish thing coming here? Well, it has come and gone. We went to Evergreen, the Alderfer Three Sisters Park. There was a guy there from the class of 2001, and I graduated in 2002, so we had some friends in common. It was a cool little throwback; lots of laughs and “remember whens.”

Then, last night, some old clients came over for dinner, and we had a lovely evening. They brought vegan cookies that had a lot of salt involved, and I’m not gonna lie; they were super good. 

Coming up, I’ll be at a three-day Tom Ferry marketing workshop in Aurora next week. I’m very excited about that, so thank you to the title company that got me my ticket!

Friendly reminder: Snow tire time is near. Mine are coming on next week. Yikes. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

My clients and I toured an off-market property on Monday. I think it’ll be perfect for them, so I hope they love it as much as I do. I’ll be touching base today to learn more. If it’s a no-go for them, I’m definitely showing other clients because this place has it all. 

I have a listing in Bailey that I think we’ll take down until spring, and I’m still navigating my short-sale property, which has been a long, interesting process. HUD just informed us that if a buyer got a contractor over there who could provide a quote detailing the cost of the work needed to be done to make it inhabitable, they’d maybe take that off the price. Awesome. 

If you’re a buyer and want to take a look with your contractor and put a quote together, it may be a great opportunity for you! 

And be on the lookout for my Lakewood listing coming up! Plus, some spring listings are on the horizon. 

And, another reminder: We talked a bit about this last week- Desiree Stephenson and I are planning a Community Appreciation Event in conjunction with the Mountain Resource Center. It’s got a food drive, hot drinks, cookie decorating, free Santa photos, some food trucks, and door prizes you don’t want to miss! Save the date: November 18 from 11-2.

We’re looking for a piano player to play holiday favorites. If you’re interested, please let me know! 

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