‘Tis the Season to Be Social (& for Pies)

‘Tis the Season to Be Social (& for Pies)

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/23

I decided to give out pies to all the staff at Elk Creek, so I ordered all these little ones, and Sterling will help hand them out. He’s excited, and it’s super cute. But I have my regular pie order to hand out later today, and I’ll also do it this Saturday at the Pictures with Santa and Food Drive! Be there, friends, it’ll be a lot of fun (details below).

This week has been much less personally strenuous than last, so I’m grateful. But a lot more professionally stressful. I also realized that if I don’t get enough sleep, I get pretty low, drained, and emotional. So, I’m paying close attention to that and getting regular with my sleep patterns. Highly recommend it! There are apps to help normalize your sleep habits, so if you get like I do, you should look into those. 

We have a Tony Robbins top trainer coming into our office today, and I’m looking forward to it. After that, it’ll be pie deliveries most of the day.

It was a nice week of socializing with friends: I went to lunch with a CrossFit friend on Thursday. Friday, Tag and I had a date; then, we went to a friend’s in Golden for a sweet little visit. 

I went to see the movie The Holdovers on Saturday (the one filmed at my school), and the head of the school, who was there when I attended, went to the lunch we had before the movie with all the alumni. His wife was there, too, and it was an amazing conversation. They met when they both worked for Kissinger when he was negotiating peace between Israel and Palestine. It was fascinating, so thank you, Claire and Richard Mueler!

Saturday night, Tag went with me to a leadership dinner at Kevin’s (our operating principal at KW), and we had excellent food and laughs. On Sunday, we met up with my friend who’s moving away, and a bunch of us watched the Vikings game at Brooks. Fun stuff! 

Getting all ready for next Thursday has been great! My mom and sister are coming next week for Thanksgiving. I do love the holidays. 

Okay, I’m trying a new morning ritual, and I’ll leave it here with you guys in case you’re interested:

  • Wake up and immediately do a motivational mediation
  • Read something educational
  • Say five gratitudes
  • Take an ice shower for six minutes (it will kick your day into gear)

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

Two transactions are still alive but hanging on by a thread; the Lakewood one terminated, though. So, we’re back on the market. We’re showing it this week. Come see it!

I'll let you know about a few other things that are in the works as soon as I can. 

Blessing Baskets for Thanksgiving 

Next year, I’m considering doing these baskets called Blessing Baskets. You fill laundry baskets with an entire Thanksgiving dinner for people in need (whether it’s financial strain, illness, no care, etc.), and a non-profit delivers them. I’ll look more into it, but it’d be a great thing to do. 

If you know of a family that’s unable to get the things they need for Thanksgiving this year, please let me know, and I’ll get some baskets together. 

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