Scavenger Hunt this Weekend & Fun Selling Colorado Houses

Scavenger Hunt this Weekend & Fun Selling Colorado Houses

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 09/28/23

Do you guys know about the law of attraction? It basically says that you attract into your life the energy that you put out. It’s a good concept. Some friends and I went to a workshop about it. It’s pretty fascinating if you’re looking for a new thing to rabbit hole.

Reminder!!! The scavenger hunt is coming up! I went to Georgetown and dropped off all the stickers for the cards, and everyone is getting prepared. It’s gonna be a great day, so get in touch if you’d like to get some stuff, support local shops, and maybe win $1000!

And Bridger’s team finally lost their first game after 9 wins. Props to them, though, they weren’t too upset about it since they’ve been dominating the league thus far, and I like to see that level of sportsmanship. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I had dinner with some clients who moved from Washington to Bailey last week, and it was lovely. They hosted it at their house and invited their lender, too. The house looked amazing, and the burgers were yummy. They love Bailey. She’s working at a resort, helping them prepare the horse facilities. Sounds like a fantastic gig to me. Good luck, guys!

I got a call Sunday from an old friend in Empire who was interested in purchasing a property, so I met up with her that day to discuss it. On Tuesday, we put in our offer, they countered, and voila, we’re now under contract. 

Some past clients got in touch to get a new house in Arvada. It’s a great spot, but the foundation is not good, so the price is going to have to get a little better for the value to be there. We got a bid, and we’re going over next steps today. I spoke to the neighbor because they bought their house with foundation issues, so that was a red flag. But they didn’t ever fix their problems because the issues are different, and it wasn’t necessary.

They gave good intel, though. Apparently, there used to be a pool at the house my clients like, and it’s been removed, and the foundation isn’t settling well. 

It’s important to find out all you can about properties prior to purchasing so you have all the facts at your disposal! 

Shout out to Gates Enterprises, who are putting the roof on my Lakewood listing today. This team pulled it together fast and furious. They know what they’re doing, work with every insurance, and offer a huge range of roofing materials. 

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