Food, Food, a $12M Listing, Food

Food, Food, a $12M Listing, Food

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 09/7/23

You know how reconnecting with friends is awesome? Well, I got to experience the awesomeness this week, thanks to Yana. When I lived in Georgetown, I became friendly with her, and about a month ago, when I was in town prepping for the upcoming scavenger hunt, I left a note on her door. 

She called, and we finally connected IRL over dinner (oysters) at Angelo’s Taverna. Yum, by the way. But we really hit it off and talked and talked and talked. So, we ended up going to First Friday at the Art District after our fantastic dinner. I bought some pictures of birds, and we saw some terrific art, heard some excellent music, and did next-level people-watching. It was a lovely, impromptu evening. 

On Saturday, I also had amazing food with a client who had a going away party. It was fun to meet her crowd. But her neighbor had the party catered and, just, wow. So good. And what a nice neighbor!

Speaking of food, have you guys been to Evergreen’s Bread & Cocktail Lounge? It’s extraordinary. The best Ceasar salad you’ll ever eat, FYI. Run, don’t walk.

Sunday was another impromptu fun date with Yana. There was free live music at Wax Trax in Denver. We thought it would be some cool, fun music, but it ended up being really hardcore and totally not our vibe. So, we went to Jelly Cafe, a restaurant nearby that had delicious doughnuts that reminded me of donuts I had in Greece recently (that followed a delicious Cobb salad, and, honestly, that’s actually the best way to wash down a delicious Cobb salad). 

Okay, this post has morphed into a love letter to food, so let’s go with it: We had a last-minute BBQ at our house with our close friends on Labor Day. The kids all loved it and played really hard. The parents and friends had lots of laughs, and we ate some excellent burgers and spicy cobbed corn. *mouth watering

Anyway, thank you, food. I love you. 

On an incredibly heart-wrenching note, our community has lost a 12-year-old boy who was in 7th grade with Bridger. He took his own life. The loss is profound, touching all of us, whether we knew him and his family or not. 

I’m at a loss for words, but I can say that I hope our kids feel like they can all come to us for support during this time and any time they need to talk, vent, be sad, be mad, be confused. It’s a true tragedy, and, like everyone else in the community, my family’s heart, thoughts, and love go out to his parents, three siblings, and his many friends and teachers. 

Next week happens to be National Suicide Prevention Week, and a fundraiser will be held in Lakewood to raise awareness regarding this epidemic. Learn more about the event here.  

There’s no good way to segue here, so please forgive me…

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I got a call from a new buyer client who is currently in Texas but is hoping to live in Evergreen and needs a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, up to $1.1 million. So, if you have a house you want to sell that meets those needs, let me know!

They found me on Google, which is always nice. I have 43 5-star reviews there, so thank you for leaving those. 

I have two properties under contract, and things are going great with all my other transactions at the moment. Love that. 

I took a fun marketing class yesterday at a $12,000,000 house! It was hosted by some people from my office (it’s their listing), and it was insane. It’s 162 acres in Boulder in Flat Irons Ranch. Stunning all across the board. Tons of unique details with some tremendous stories and history. 

Check out the video!

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