Let’s Save the Bucksnort!

Let’s Save the Bucksnort!

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 07/6/23

I’m in Florida with the family, and we went boating yesterday, and I was the lucky winner of a pretty bad sunburn. It’s a killer look. I appear to have on very white shorts and some red thigh-high boots. Pretty stylish. 

On the 4th, also Tag’s birthday, we went to a demolition derby, and I simply cannot put into words how fun this was. There were fireworks afterward, so we got to celebrate America the traditional way, too. Sterling ordered bubblegum ice cream with caramel sauce, and now I have yet another vice. Who knew? 

My mom met us here, and it’s been a really fun little family vacation. I’m also meeting a client turned friend of mine who lives here now. We’re getting lobster rolls on the beach later. Florida life is something I can get used to, not gonna lie. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

Getting home soon and straight back to work. I have three properties under contract right now. One of them is giving me a little headache; they made an offer and now want some things to be remedied; which is. Or mail except for the fact that they new about these things before they offered. This is pretty unethical. Wish I could say I’ve never had it happen before. 

We informed the buyer of the issues prior to him putting an offer in and all the stuff, so nothing was a surprise to him. It’s not cool to now ask for my seller to do anything to the house. Not sure how this will end, so I’ll let you know. 

I have an inspection on Friday with my client, who reached out to see one of my listings but didn’t go with it, so we found him a house in Pine. It’s a sweet horse property. I’m very excited for him. 

Speaking of Pine, Tag and I went to Bucksnort Saloon before we came here. It’s a famous biker bar, and it’s been closed for a year, and we’ve been talking about creating a GoFundMe for it so we can save it and then bring it back to life. It’s such a great spot, and it would be fun to get it going again. 

Any thoughts on that? It’ll take a lot of work, but I’m down to do that if we can get some community involvement. I can create a GoFundMe page with a QR code for easy payment. I was thinking I’d also create a T-shirt with “I helped save the Bucksnort” or something like that on it, so those who participate get a little souvenir. C’mon, mountain people! Let’s save the Bucksnort!

I’m going to Georgetown this week with a friend and colleague. We want to see if we can get some local businesses to participate in a game where customers come into the store and say “Keller Williams” to get a discount and a sticker to put on a card- no purchase necessary, though. Whoever fills the card first gets a cash prize. We think it’ll be the last day of September and the first of October (so lovely weather). Mark your calendars!

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  • Independence Day Weekend slowed by approximately 25% in showing activity making room for buyers to have enhanced negotiating power in a less competitive environment.
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