It’s Vacation Time for This Colorado Realtor

It’s Vacation Time for This Colorado Realtor

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 07/20/23

Heading to Sweden on Saturday with the kiddos! We’re so excited. I’m going to Greece for five days after I offload the boys with my dad (I’ll be back in Sweden the rest of the time with everyone after that).

Part of The Safari Party (the group of us that met in Africa) is meeting in Greece, hence the side vacay. I’m here for it because Greece will be a big check off my bucket list! It’s so gorgeous there. I looked at the weather, though, and it said hellfire hot. So, there’s that. 

We won our first softball game last week! We have another one tonight, and I’m feeling confident. It’s rather amusing that we’re all pretty sore from this. I mean, I do CrossFit, and I’m having trouble walking; my legs are so sore! We lost one player who was a former softball player due to injury. Man, getting old is tough. And, on top of that, we never have our complete team there. It’s super fun, but the logistics can be a bit much. Next year, I won’t manage, just play. 

The past week was great because I’ve been spending some time with my good friend, who I never see, and that’s always really nice. But on the flip side of that, Tag’s uncle died unexpectedly, so he headed out to be with family for a while. It’s super sad because Tag was very close to him. 

I’m trying not to end on that bummer note, but that’s really all that’s happened this past week… 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I have some listing appointments coming up and a couple things under contract currently, so things are a bit busy at the moment. Other than that, I’m lining stuff up for when I get back from our European vacation.

I did lose a listing the other day due to my travel schedule, and although it was a bummer, it did relieve some stress I had about having that client while away. So, I’m leaning into an everything-happens-for-a-reason vibe. 

Current Denver Area Real Estate Market

The market constricted this week with more buyers jumping into the market and inventory remaining tight

Shifts in our market are not mirroring previous real estate cycles in 2023, this last week the market tightened, and the odds of selling went up which is atypical based on historical data heading later into July.

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