Proud Mom Real Estate Agent

Proud Mom Real Estate Agent

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 05/4/23

The whole fam went to Greely for Bridger’s baseball games this weekend, and it was such a nice time. The hotel had a pool, and most of the players and their families were staying there, so we got to spend some time together, eat, have laughs. It was good. I hope to get to know more of these parents a little better. We’ve been at our kids’ games for years now, and I barely talk to any of them, so it’s time to change that.

I had a proud mommy moment during the second game. It was tight, and Bridger got an RBI with a beauty into the outfield! He tied it up. It was awesome! He was tagged out, but he got the player in. Unfortunately, he focused on the out more than the in, but you saved the game, Bridger!

Speaking of Bridger. He wants to buy a lot of stuff. Do your kids constantly ask for stuff? How long till they can get jobs? The school did invite him to take care of the science room demo for incoming students, but he didn’t get paid.  

Well, today’s the day I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Tag and I are starting golf lessons. It’s raining outside, so hopefully, day one is just about what to wear and golf etiquette and stuff like that. I’ll keep you posted. FORE!

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I had two closings last week, and both went great. One was a remote closing, and that couple went through it to get to this point, so I’m super happy for them; plus, they found their dream house, so it all worked out better than expected. 

Showings started for my Bailey listing, and all who saw it loved it. We got a bunch of offers and ended up accepting the second offer from the first couple who put an offer in; however, their resubmission was a price well over asking. My clients are thrilled. 

I had one agent blame me for their client not getting the property because I couldn’t confirm or deny whether it was a horse property– even though their offer was less than our top offer. 

It was highly annoying because although listing agents should do their research on the properties they sell, it’s not on them to get all the facts; that falls on the buyers because if the sellers misspeak and promise incorrect things, they could be held accountable. 

So, every time a client purchases a property or is interested in a property, the buyer must do their due diligence to get all their questions answered. And there are many ways and places to do that, and that’s not on the seller because if one thing is wrong, the buyer can back out. So, buyers, you have to get the details about a house you want; the seller doesn’t. 

This agent ended up reaching out and blaming me, and it was highly irrational. I just walked away. There’s no reason to engage. 

I have a Louisville listing coming up, the Hummingbird listing just went active in Conifer (renters are currently in there, but they’re being very cooperative), and some other listings on the horizon! 

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