Some Me-Time for This Colorado Realtor

Some Me-Time for This Colorado Realtor

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 06/22/23

Tag and Sterling took a quick trip to Florida this week to help our friends out and pick up their cat (who road-tripped with them) and bring him back to Colorado. It was just a three-day vacay for the boys, but they packed in the Florida fun. They even saw a shark while snorkeling! Very cool.

I went to a Buddhist Temple in Morrison Tuesday night. It was incredible. We did 30 minutes of walking meditation; then we had a lesson, then a half hour of meditation. They had dinner after that, but I didn’t attend. I was exhausted. It was exactly what I needed at that moment, and I think you should try it—super cool experience. And they are almost done building a gorgeous new temple!

Bridger had a tournament last weekend in Steamboat, and they won all five games. It was so fun to be with just him. We completed an escape room with some of his friends (blasted through it, thank you very much), and spent some time in the hotel’s hot tub, which was anything but nice and relaxing. There were so many screaming little boys running around it was even too much for Bridget so we went back to the room and watched some Sharktank together. Way more fun!

I’m getting used to the club baseball now, but I think we’re going too hard with sports and him. He may be getting a bit burned out, so I think we’ll let him take a step back from all the stuff and figure out what he enjoys most. 

My first softball game was rained out last week, so tonight, it’s on! But we’re short on people because four of our players can’t make it. I’m hoping it works out, though, because I’m so excited to get this going! 

I hope to see you all at Bailey Days this weekend! I’ll be the one driving people back to their cars on Saturday night at the end of the evening in a sweet golf cart! Pretty excited about that! Props to Ginger Williams (a fellow KW Realtor) for being the volunteer coordinator. It’s been a massive undertaking. If you’d like to volunteer let me know, I’m sure she could use all the help she can get! 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I had two closings this week, and they went well. I have nothing under contract at the moment, but I just had five under contract at once, and that was no joke, so I’m not complaining. I’ll happily take this little break. 

The sellers of one of the closings I had took a super sweet little video testimonial about me and talked about the 72SOLD process. It was so nice. They were lovely to work with, so shoutout to them! Thank you!

My other sellers were under contract forever, and it finally closed, so I’m excited for them because there were a lot of ups and downs with the timeline of their closing. But in the end, it worked out. 

I have a couple of active listings, and showings are starting on one tomorrow. It’s a great property, and like everything else, it’ll go fast, I’m sure. 

Interest rates are pretty high right now, and home prices are not dropping. There’s little inventory out there, but builders are building away (up 20%), so that’s a good indicator that the housing market is going strong. 

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Current Denver Area Real Estate Market

Showings and Pending units were down over Father’s Day and Juneteenth weekend, but the buyers were serious.

  • Our average daily active count rose another 4.8% with 5,207 total listings for sale, 1,177 of which were new listings. New listings decreased week over week by -9.7% and compared to one year ago new listings are…

Upcoming Events

  • Evergreen Sustainability Spring Clean Recycling- If you’ve got hard-to-recycle items taking up space in your garage, grab ‘em and get to this recycling event!
  • Go Wild: A Women's Wilderness Retreat- Invite the wild woman within you to come out and explore Colorado’s backcountry. 
  • Dry Run Hike at Deer Creek Canyon- This practice hike will prepare you for the real thing, so fill your bag appropriately and let’s get those steps in!
  • Once- If you loved the movie, you’ll love the live musical even more; bring the whole family and leave inspired. 
  • BBQ Cooking Class- Grillers, start your engines! This fun Texas-style BBQ class will have your mouth watering.
  • Bailey Days- Celebrate Bailey, CO and the Wild West at this 2 day event. Over 100 vendors and musicians will be in attendance. There is also a huge section of carnival games for the ‘kids’.

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