Lots of Games for This Colorado Realtor

Lots of Games for This Colorado Realtor

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 06/29/23

Bridger came home from football camp; he didn’t have the best time. He actually wanted to come home, but Tag and I spoke about it, and we decided he had to stick it out. It wasn’t a great decision to have to make. We’re all glad he’s home now. 

Okay, have you guys been to Bone Fish? I took a couple of my Book Babes there, and my salad lettuce was wilted because it had been frozen? Is that a thing? Why? It wasn’t good. My friends had a better eating experience, but, hey, restaurants- don’t freeze your lettuce. Anyway, the salad dressing was tasty, so I just loaded it on. 

We STILL haven’t gotten to play a softball game! I’m chompin’ at the bit! We got rained out the first 2 games and then had to forfeit the make-up game because we only had three of 22 players show up! So, fingers crossed, tonight’s game is on, and I have a great story about how we crushed in the upcoming post.

I volunteered at Bailey Days, driving a golf cart to take people to and from their cars. It was so much fun. Nothing makes you feel like a kid as much as driving a golf cart. Right? That’s not just me, is it? I took the kids to it on Sunday, and we had a ball together. Bridger dunked this poor young girl in the dunking booth five times. I really started to feel bad. But what an arm this kid has!

We also went to Elitch’s, and that was a great day of games, rides, and, my personal favorite, park food. If you can call it food. I did notice that I’m no longer a ride-type person. That’s kind of upsetting. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I had a listing in Denver that went live over the weekend! It was a nice turnout at the showings, and we got an offer at $50K over asking- off to a great start. Then, the NEXT DAY, he backed out. Not awesome. But, we had a second offer still over list. It all worked out, but still. Let’s not make commitments we can’t keep. 

I got a new possible client from a referral (Peggy from the Emporum, thank you for giving out my name!). I always love that. It’s the most flattering way to get a new client. She’s interviewing one other person, but I feel confident.

Using 72SOLD is a game changer for sellers; plus, I take care of all the staging and showings and a professional cleaning among other things. Not all agents do that. 

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