House Buying in Colorado, Baseball, & the End of Ski Season

House Buying in Colorado, Baseball, & the End of Ski Season

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 04/27/23

Bridger had baseball practice last weekend but no games, so; we went skiing as a fam in Loveland. That was likely the last one of the season, and it ended on a high note. The kids are getting really good. Especially considering how clumsy they are. 

Bad news: My aunt in England passed away recently. I was pretty close to heading that way for the funeral and meeting my mom and sister there. I was thinking of bringing the kids along too. But it’s just such lousy timing because there’s so much going on here right now. I’m bummed to miss it, but she’d get it. 

This weekend we have an overnight baseball game in Greeley. Those are really fun, actually. With the past two weekends off, it’ll be fun to switch it up. Staying in hotels is cool, too. 

Big props to my friend Kelly Weeks, who edited my video this week! Thanks, buddy!

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

My buyers went under contract on a new build, so we had to do an extra step called an orientation. This is the process of walking around the house to see how everything works. Many new builds have technology-related characteristics that not everyone will understand on their own. 

So, we did all that, and today is the closing. Before that, though, I’m meeting with an appraiser for my short sale house. Incidentally, this is the third appraiser I’m meeting with for this property, and I don’t know what’s going on with that. The house is in bad shape, but I think being ghosted by appraisers is a bit dramatic.

Now I need to get organized with all my upcoming listings! I enjoy that part. I have my Bailey listing up, and showings start today. It’s a super cute house with loads of sunshine. It’s a voluntary HOA in Elk Creek Highlands, and it has horse facilities, cookout areas, and other cute stuff and outdoor activities. 

I have a Hummingbird Hill Road house coming soon (tomorrow). It’s on 4 acres, and it’s almost 4000 square feet. This house has the works and some stellar views. It’s in Conifer, and I know it’ll go fast.

Oh, funny story- I did a walk-thru for my clients the other day because they’re out of town, and I arrived at their new home and forgot the key. Ugh. Luckily, I had Sterling, who could fit through the doggy door. So, it worked out. And the old owners left so much great stuff (and some not-so-great stuff), including one of those green egg grills! I mean, yes, please. Those things are like $1500!

And finally, I have 2 closings today, new listings coming up (every week for the next four weeks), and just loads of good stuff. The Colorado real estate market is strong, friends! You heard it here first. 

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