Here’s to the Great Colorado Housing Market & Clients Turned Friends

Here’s to the Great Colorado Housing Market & Clients Turned Friends

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 05/18/23

We celebrated my client turned friend Melvin's birthday last week, and it was really a good time. We got pizza, and my diet went to poop. But, worth it. I actually did a lot of eating with friends and family over the past week, and I’m here to tell you I’m feeling just fine about it. 

Kamper had a grooming appointment last weekend, and he needed a rabies shot, too, so I moved some stuff around to make it all happen. I had Sterling and his friend with me at the vet, and it was not my favorite moment ever. Between Kamper and the cats and the two boys and the puppies- oy. 

So, after Kamper’s shots, I took him to the groomer, and they wouldn’t take him because he just got shots. Again, oy. So, we took him on Sunday, which was Mother’s Day. Not exactly what we had planned. But the day ended wonderfully with my former client (current friend) Dottie, her family, and, of course, my family all going to Simms Steakhouse. Super yum. And, yes, also worth it. 

Tag had to leave to go to Texas for a work thing, so I had the kids solo for a couple days. We got some quality time in. Always love that. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I went live with my King’s Valley listing last week, and we’re under contract! The first people through were the first to make an offer, and they got it! Congrats to them!

One of my clients is looking for a penthouse apartment in his current apartment building. Luckily, there are a few available. We put an offer in on one that happens to be overpriced, so they keep coming back at full price against each of our offers. We’re not going there. Not sure what the thought process is on their side since we’re their first and only offer after being on the market for three weeks. 

My new Louisville listing is now staged and prepped for viewing. It’s come a loooooong way. It was a hoarder situation, and the way it looks now is a night and day difference. I feel confident it will go fast, and we’ll get asking or over-asking. Showings start Friday. 

We’re about to close on the Hummingbird property. Woohoo! I have a new listing coming soon (the week after Memorial Day), so I’ll keep you posted. 

I mentioned this last week, but as a reminder, I’m hosting a concealed carry class at our KW office in Conifer this Saturday from 11 to 2:30; it’s $75. Please contact me if you’re interested in attending. You’ll leave with the certificate you need to file with the county, so I need to get you registered beforehand. This is open to anyone!

We’re Past the Worst of Home Price Declines

Upcoming Events

  • Wildlife Watch Spring Season- This public education course teaches you how to spot a wildfire, something every mountain person should know!
  • Spring Bulk Item Drop-Off Event- Spring cleaning just got way easier. Take your bulk items to this drop-off for quick removal, streamlined garbage removal. 
  • Learn Origami- Origami is not only really cool to look at and ponder about, but creating it is said to be highly relaxing. Give it a try and tell us all about it. 
  • Ayurvedic Yoga- Find your balance and happy place during this four-hour yoga class made just for you.
  • Learn to Fish at Staunton State Park- Drop by the park with or without your own rods and learn all you need to know about fishing (don’t forget to grab a fishing license for everyone over 16).

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