Family Highs, Inventory Lows

Family Highs, Inventory Lows

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 02/10/22

Welcome to the almost weekend! I have a good friend in town, and we’re headed to dinner tonight, so my weekend is starting early. I’m really looking forward to it. But home has been great lately because the kids are actually getting along well. It’s amazing what a game-changer that is. I mean, their fighting can significantly affect my day, and I’m noticing that now because the days are way more pleasant. I’m kinda scared to even talk about it- you know, jinxing it and all that. *touches wood

I had to run out to an appointment, and our neighbors came to hang with the kids, and you know, I just love having great neighbors. Another thing I didn’t realize was awesome until it actually happened. In fact, one of the reasons we wanted to move into the mountains was to NOT have neighbors, and now I wish mine were closer. Who’d have ever thought? 

Tag’s really getting into his job and starting to like it more and more. It’s definitely a challenge with the office politics and hey, let’s be honest, coming from sitting in a crane all day, solo, office politics can be pretty intense. Even if it’s just a who-drank-my-la-croix political matter. (Don’t get me wrong, the political issues range in severity.)

Speaking of Tag, we went out on our date night! Had some spectacular Korean BBQ. I ate way too much (enter meat-sweats). Our BFFs watched the kids, and since they have kids, all were happy. 

Okay, remember the new puppy situation? Well, the one we hoped to get didn’t pan out, so we’re on the hunt again. It’s actually pretty tricky to find a doodle dog. We may do some volunteering at an animal shelter to foster some dogs. I think it’s a good way to try out a bunch and see if I’m allergic or how bad the allergies are. Then we won’t be committed to a doodle, and we have a bunch more options. 

Have y’all seen the new Subaru Outback? Who has one? Want. 

Colorado Realtor Activity

I had a closing today, which was great! (BUT, not-so-great, I forgot my computer bag at said closing, which was in Denver but only after I went all the way down to South Denver to drop off the lockbox at the listing agent’s house. So, I had to go aaallll the way back up there to get it. Also, I was hoping to go to Costco while in South Denver but found I had left my wallet at home. All in all, it was a frustrating afternoon.) 

On a much happier note, I went to a very successful listing appointment last night, successful because I got it! So, that’s good. They need to sell very quickly, so we’re going live next week. And I have another listing going live the week after. Both are in Bailey. Inventory is still meager. Help a realtor out and sell your house now! 

Because of the low inventory, I did a mailing for one of my clients asking if anyone is interested in swapping houses at a price point of $450,000. If anyone in Denver wants to sell their home and move to Bailey- let’s get that done. I’ve got the place for you! This is a creative way to go about it, but maybe we can make it a new normal. If it works, it works! 

My new land listing in Dumont has mining claims, and it’s a real crowd-pleaser. It’s 11 acres, and the lot layout is stunning but not contiguous. It has 5G cell service (WHAT? I essentially have dial-up at my house), panoramic views of both the city and whitecapped mountains- yes, please! And for the win, it’s also been fire mitigated and has gorgeous Aspens and a few outbuildings on the property. 

Alright, you’ve been asking, and I had to answer: yes, I’ve started a YouTube show called Tea with Vee Realty Show. In it, I’ll discuss the market here and nationwide while talking with fantastic guests from all over the place. In my first episode, I talk with legendary South Carolina agent Margaret Harrington. You won’t want to miss it! 

So, there you have it. That’s all, folks, let’s meet up again soon. And if you wanna sell your house, I’m 100% ready to help you. 

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