Homeschooling Vs Job and the UK

Homeschooling Vs Job and the UK

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

I’ve been playing around with the idea of homeschooling Bridger in the fall. As you know by now, this will not be easy for me (or him), but I think it may be necessary. If I sign him up for the K-12 online program there won’t be any mid-year surprises of schools being shut again and I’ll have control of a real plan where he’s really learning. 

Also, if I’ve got clients underway during a mandatory school closing, they’d be disappointed when I can’t fully be on call for them and I’ll be in a constant state of frustration because I simply can’t do everything all the time no matter how badly I’d like to. 

So, what about my job? A job I love. A job that excites me. A job that I’m good at. A job that helps support us financially and fulfills me spiritually. Well, I’d have to step aside. And that’s literally cry-worthy. 

And then there’s Sterling, of course. What about pre-school? Do I become Mrs. Merchant and wear a dedicated teacher’s hat so he understands that I’m not his mom during “school hours”? 

And will become a “non-working mom” (for lack of a better way to say it, but we all know there’s no such thing as a non-working mom) who is a quasi-teacher going to be at all satisfying or exciting for me? I do need to think about myself here because they don’t say “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” for nothing. 

I mean, the kids are already sick of the camp which seems utterly impossible to me, yet here we are. How will I be able to keep them engaged for an entire school year? 

Oh, and there’s this bit of excitement and up-in-the-airiness to add to the fun of my life: Tag wants to move to Europe. We’re looking into it. Could be super awesome. I love the idea of living in Sweden, but there’s the whole language sitch (which we’re all working on using Duolingo). 

So, we’re thinking we’d start in the UK since I can pretty easily become a citizen based on my mom’s citizenship. We’ve discussed it with Bridger who is wondering if he needs to speak with an accent and this is keeping him up at night because what if he “just can’t do it”? Other than that though, he seems pretty excited that it could happen.

Honestly, whether it happens or not, discussing it and putting some feelers out, and figuring out what our lives would be like there is super fun. 

But what about our lives here? What about this house that I love? Do I need to sell it? Rent it? And what about the financial goals we’ve set for ourselves that are really working here. Will they work out as well there? And we just built a chicken coop. I mean, what happens to that? Speaking of which, no eggs yet, these little fuzzy chicks are living rent-free for over three months now. C’mon, chicks, get with the program.

On the plus side, if we move to the UK this year and Bridger’s in K-12 online courses, his schooling won’t be interrupted. 

I’m hoping the universe works all this out for me with a quickness.

Realtor® Stuff

We closed on the Bailey house and all went great, my friends are moving to Texas and have already found a house that’s almost 4000 sf, has brand new construction, and cost over $100K less than the house they had here. But, also, Texas. So,

I have two new listings coming up: one is a condo in Golden and it’s super cute, the seller wants to move fast which I love, and the other is kinda a secret for now, but I’ll talk more about it in the next couple weeks. I can say that it’s in Georgetown and it’s a 3/2.5. 

Okay, so a really cool thing happened this past week, I was privy to an awesome conversation between a builder and a landowner. I got the two together and they want to work on development together. I’m not sure I’ll have a role to play down the road, but the spark between the two, and hearing how their plans can really benefit the town was really cool. 

Finally, not to toot my own horn, but my company asked me to teach a class in my office. It’s super flattering because usually, things like this are offered to more senior agents, but I was totally up for it and I loved it. Or maybe they couldn’t find anyone else to teach it. Either way, it was a lot more fun than when I taught English to high school girls in Korea. I’ve also been named as a top producer and that’s really great but the pressure’s on to stay on top. 

Overall, I’ve had a really fun and exciting, albeit, somewhat stressful in a what's-going-to-happen-in-my-future kind of way, week. 

Okay, guys, thanks for meeting me here and I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon. Until then, stay safe and be kind. 


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