A Little Help Goes a Long Way

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 03/24/22

You know when you’re super busy, running all around, getting stuff done, no time for yourself? Then, you sit back and think about all your accomplishments, and it’s like, wait, what have I been doing? That’s this past week in a nutshell. 

Here’s what I KNOW happened: We had Sterling’s birthday party at  Urban Air in Littleton, and it was a sight to behold. These little munchkins running all over the place were pretty cute. However, Sterling did ask if we could go home halfway through (after asking me at least eight times a day for nearly a month how much longer till his birthday party)?? 

I think he just wanted to open his presents. Poor kid had to wait all day because I had to go to work after the party, and we made him wait for me. A lesson in patience, I call that. 

The kids have been staying with their grandparents this week, and that’s been great. It’s nice for everyone and gives Tag and me some time together. Also, lending to that outcome, I finally got my VA!

He’s wonderful. He’s so intelligent. I like him a lot. He reminds me of my brother, Adam. And I really hope he lasts. He picks everything up so quickly, and it’s a huge help. We start each day with a productive meeting and go over what’s to be done. And then, get this, magically, it’s done!!! Where has this been all my life? 

Upcoming event to look super forward to: We’re all going to Saratoga Hot Springs this weekend and can. Not. Wait. I’ll work a teensy bit, but with everything else catered to, I can 100% handle that. A change of scenery will do us all good. 

And we have our trip to Sweden still in the works for July, but I spoke with my dad the other day, and there are lots of Ukrainian refugees coming in. I’m hoping we can all still go out there this summer with no issues. I feel selfish even thinking like that because what these people are having to go through is so astronomical; I can’t begin to wrap my head around it. 

I know I’m lucky; I get that. I try not to take it for granted. 

Colorado Realtor Activity 

Last Thursday, I arranged a meeting between a seller (who didn’t want to hire me) and a buyer (who’s not my client). This is how it went down: I got an email from someone who wanted to sell their home, I set up the listing appointment, I was competing with another agent (who looked somewhat unprofessional, in my humble opinion), and *shockingly* I lost the listing to this unprofessional guy. 

Just before I knew I lost the listing, I got a call from a guy who was looking for a home (referred to me by acquaintances, which I so appreciate, however, he had an agent already). He had sold his house and needed to find a new one STAT. I told him about the seller’s house and then found out I didn’t get her listing immediately after. But, this was still prior to her signing with the other agent. So, she ended up selling to us quickly and easily with no need for a million showings or staging or photos, etc. It all worked out. (But, I can’t believe I lost this listing to that other agent. It’s weighing on me. Why?)

Anyway, the deal ended so well, we went under contract at her price, and the house is perfect for my client. Win-win. We had the inspections, and this off-market deal was a smashing success. I think there are currently a bunch of off-marked deals going on. It’s the new normal. 

Then, with little notice, I had clients who flew in from Minnesota to whom I showed a handful of houses. They liked one, put in a low offer, didn’t go through, and now I think there’s a bit of regret. The house would have been great for them, and they were fortunate to find that, especially because it did NOT end up going for an over-asking price. WHAT?? 

It’s okay, though. It’ll work out, and I’m sure they’ll get something better. It just may take a bit for that to happen.

We finally closed on the Turkey Lane house. Those guys are outta here. Headed cross-country to find a new home. This house had some issues that could have been disastrous, but due to like-minded mentalities and sensibility and grace, it went great. All parties were so stellar. 

Next up:

  • I have insider knowledge on a gorgeous flat 12+ acre FSBO ‘horse’ property coming up, and I think it’s already going, going, gone (to one of my clients- fingers crossed because for her to afford it, she’ll likely need to sell her current place). I say ‘horse’ property because it has a household-use only well, but it is zoned A-2, so we are working on figuring something out.
  • My new Solterra listing is coming up next week. It’s a big house. $1.55M. Can’t wait for you guys to see it. 
  • I got a call for a listing in Conifer from a lady I met at a bakery two years ago. We have kept in touch over the years, and I am so absolutely honored that she called me. They’re moving to FL, so I get to help them with their CO home. 
  • And finally, I got another call from an agent in the city who wants my help selling a mountain house. But, this agent is someone I met pre-Covid at an event about lead generation, and he’s kept my info for that long. We might co-list so he can learn the ropes when it comes to selling in the mountains, and I’m more than happy to be a part of that. The more educated the agents are regarding mountain properties, the better the transactions go and the happier the clients.   

I love it when people remember me or want me to help them with these huge home purchases or sales. I don’t take it lightly and am sincerely honored and humbled. So, thank you!

And, now that I see it in black and white, I guess I do see what I did and why this past week was so busy, and it was, in fact, very productive. Here’s to more of that next week for all of us! See you guys here soon. 

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