A New Way of Life: School, Europe, and Low Interest Rates

A New Way of Life: School, Europe, and Low Interest Rates

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

I started doing my CrossFit classes again due to my arms getting wiggly and it’s been so nice to be back, but now I can’t walk. It’s good to do something for myself and get some time away. I’ve been a little stressed about the school situation. But have finally come to a decision: the kids will go back to their school, but remotely for the year. I didn’t realize that if I pull them out, the school loses money and I don’t want to do that.

Anyway, it feels good to have made the decision and have it out of the way. The kids are supposed to be done with camp this week, but I’m thinking I’ll toss ‘em back in for the next week or two. We’re about to be together. A lot. 

I’ve bought some really cool supplemental work stuff for Bridger to do. Some science stuff that I think he’ll get engaged with and enjoy. I love these books because when the kids are busy and enjoying themselves there’s less fighting and more quiet time for me. 

We’re still talking about a European move. My brother, Adam, lives in Sweden and he’s been doing some research on recreational parks there for me. I think it’d be pretty cool to own one. They’re usually closed during the winter and I’m thinking winters off sounds great. That said, it’d be cool to have some cabins and ice fishing or something. The whole idea is really appealing. 

I’m happy to report that my whole family is happy and healthy. My mom is coming here at the end of August apparently, for my birthday. I’m a bit concerned because she’s 76-years-old and should she really be moving across the country right now? But she’s bored and restless, her real estate work is all but gone for now and she’s in dire need of a getaway. Plus, I really want to see her, it’s been a while. 

Realtor® Stuff

Well, I went to Livermore with Franktown sellers to see a couple of houses for them. Of course, it didn’t work out for them, but I had a lovely conversation with the homeowner who, oddly, used to work with my father-in-law in Boulder at Ball Aerospace. I mean, what are the chances? Anyway, I can’t find a house for these clients, it’s so specific. It needs to be horse property and have east to west panoramic views, facing south. He wants to build an observatory, which is really cool but makes house hunting tough.  There was a place in Westcliffe he went to see that I thought would be perfect but alas, it was not and I’m still not completely sure why. 

The Fed has pretty much said they aren’t raising interest rates for an indefinite period of time. What that tells me to tell you: it’s a great time to buy if you have the money to put down. I’d get out of renting at this moment. The dollar is losing value and our economic future in the US is up in the air so why not take the plunge now while these interest rates are working in your favor?

Or just leave the country. Like my friends. And us. Maybe.

I’m closing on Impala on Monday and I’m excited about that. Such a smooth transaction for all parties, really. Great seller, easy-going buyer, professional buyer’s agent. All of it was perfect and everyone is happy!

I’m pretty sure I’m getting two more Lakewood listings and that’s such a hot market now, it makes me pretty happy. My 34727 Circle Drive in Pine is coming soon, I’ll be hosting an open house and get you all the details ASAP. It’s in the mid $800s, it’s an amazing house, a must-see. Talking about hot markets, I’m putting the lockbox on the Georgetown listing today so that should be going live next week as well, pictures are Tuesday.

Okay, keep it cool out there, folks. Everyone’s going through something and life is still off, be patient, and stay safe!


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