All the Good Vibes

All the Good Vibes

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 04/28/22

Bridger is doing great at baseball, and I am so feeling those spring vibes when we go out there for practice. 

I was in school this week with a KW course called Leverage Series. It’s about hiring staff and growing your business. I’m interested, but I also want to focus on my family. I have a strong desire to succeed professionally, and I want to avoid all the regrets I can (obviously). So, it gets complicated when I think it through. The work-life balance is tricky. Taking suggestions.

Here’s what I’ve come up with; I plan to focus on my family now. I mean, the kids won’t be young forever. While I do that, I can still work a reasonable amount. But, I’ll build my real estate business with my VA and develop the practices, methods, and procedures that will propel my business in the future. The goal is to build a team through KW throughout the US and even the world. 

I’d love to open up shop in Sweden at some point. It’d give me an excuse to go to Sweden more often. Anyway, I know things can always change, but having this plan has helped me focus and feel confident about my choices. 

As far as Florida is concerned: 

  • Lots of long wait times for dinner reservations.
  • We went during the end of their busy season but next is rainy season.
  • Note to self: put sunscreen on knees.
  • We traveled from Clearwater (super nice area) down to Bradenton and then to Venice, then to Englewood, then to Cape Coral, and finally to Ft. Myers, where we vacationed hard-core. 
  • Bonita Beach is precisely that: bonita (“pretty” in Spanish). 
  • Big fan of Venice. We went for a great little boat ride after an open house that was lovely (lovely agent, too). The listing is a double-wide on a canal that takes you to the ocean. It was listed rather high, I think. The home was on owned land (not leased), so the fees are lower, which can get pretty high (think $800ish per month). 
  • Englewood has lots of potential and development going on. I think it’ll be spectacular once finished. 
  • Manasota Key is stunning. It’s a skinny, long island off the coast where you can get a lot for the bargain price of $800K. Just for the lot! As in, house not included. 
  • We have a condo in Denver that’s appreciated over the past two years, and we think we may let our tenant out early (if he’d like), then we sell it and buy a vacation rental in Florida that we can use whenever we’d like. I’m feeling retirement vibes. 

Book Club

So, here’s the thing… no book club this week. I just got back from FL; give me a break! I’ll get back into it next week. Promise. (Probably.) 

Colorado Realtor Activity

Real estate in Florida is just as crazy as here in Colorado. Due to the increase in interest rates, it’ll slow, but it’s going strong now. Baby boomers are selling their big, fancy houses and downsizing, so the market is getting better as far as inventory.

If you wanna sell, let’s do it! Now’s a great time, even with the 5.5% interest rate. This is a more realistic housing market. Buy something now if possible because the rate will keep hiking up there. 

We should be closing on the Loveland St. house today, and it's the most expensive house I’ve ever sold ($1.635M). It was a great transaction all the way through. The client was so happy. And I really got in touch with the fact that I truly love when my clients are happy with their experience. It truly affects me in the best possible way. 

I’m taking out clients tomorrow that I met at my very first open house, to see some homes and to figure out if he’s ready to sell his current property. I love shopping for houses. It’s one of the best parts of my job- that has many good parts. And, I really like these clients. They give off all the great vibes that I keep talking about. But, who doesn't love good vibes, am I right? 

Have a stellar-vibe week, and let’s get together here again soon!

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