April Showers Bring Lots of Closings & Baseball

April Showers Bring Lots of Closings & Baseball

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 04/6/23

It’s April, and that is absolutely crazy to me. I mean, the year is a quarter of the way done, and it’s still snowing? Nope. I don’t know how many more winters I can take here. They just seem to never end. 

Bridger’s baseball is going strong already. So, yeah, lots of baseball right now. They’re doing okay. They smoked the first team they played last weekend, but the second and third games were not as stellar. And, to top it off, it was super windy, and that’s just no fun to sit in. Fingers crossed, this weekend is warm. Hot would be preferable, but I’m a realist and know that’s not gonna happen.

On a happy note, I went to lunch with my buddy, Dottie, the other day, and we reminisced about Africa. We’re trying to grab the gang and get a trip on the books for Colombia (one of the members of our new gang has a coffee farm there that will be harvesting in October). I hope we do it and everyone can come. It was the perfect mesh of people. 

And I also had a great girl’s night over the weekend with two of my best buddies. Tears. Check. Laughter. Double check (cuz there was a lot). Old school hip hop. Check. Dancing. You betcha. 

Despite the cold springtime weather, it’s been a successful and enjoyable week. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I have a listing across the street from my house, and TBH, the house isn’t in good shape, but it does have potential. Anyway, her mom has inherited the house and has been given the right to make decisions pertaining to it. 

I had to take her to the courthouse because it’s a probate matter. So, we took the will to the probate court the other day, and it was, get this: EASY! Streamlined as a mother. We filed the letters of testamentary to give to the title company later and made sure she filed all the other correct paperwork.  

It was a process, but it went great, and things are moving along well with that property. The bank owns the house (not my client) because there was a reverse mortgage on it. So we need to get the appraisal taken care of ASAP, and the goal of all this is to let them stay in the house for at least another three months so they have time to find a rental. I think it’s gonna work.

I’ve been showing a bunch of houses lately. My Washington clients have gotten beaten out a bunch of times on houses that were just so-so, but their luck has changed, and we put in an offer on a Baily house that they LOVE, and they got accepted! So it all worked out. And maybe what seemed like bad luck initially wasn’t bad luck at all. 

I have five properties under contract, all closing this month, so I’m prepping for a busy month. Let’s goooooo!

Off now to be read to by my son’s 1st grade classmates!

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