Chaos With All the Trimmings

Chaos With All the Trimmings

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

So, we’re getting ready for Bridger’s first baseball game, and we’re all pretty stoked! These games take place all over, so they’re really time-consuming, but he loves it so much and is so good at it. It’s just a lot of running around. I definitely thrive in a bit of chaos, though. However, I did get in the wrong car today. Everyone has my Subaru, though, so that’s not super unheard of. Right? I mean, you’ve done that before, I’m sure?

Part of my busyness has been researching the new business Tag and I am looking into starting. It’s a forestry business, and it’s perfect timing because Colorado just got a bunch of money for forestry. Tag used to be a firefighter for the forest service, so this is totally in his wheelhouse, and we’re both super excited to see if this can take off.

Did you know that healthy grasses are critical to the environment and a strong ecology, even more so than lots of trees that are at risk? Basically, we need to thin out the trees to maintain health because they can easily catch and spread diseases when they’re too close together. Who knew? Not to mention the fire danger.

Anyway, it’ll be a woman-owned business (I’ll own 51% and effectively be the boss of my husband, so he better be on time and have coffee in hand every day, or else.), and it’ll be a union job. I’d still do my real estate stuff but take on the management side of this business too. I’ll let you know when we start saving the world with this venture and about our adventures along the way.

As you can see, I’m back at it after my vacation with my mom. I mean, I did work while I was there, of course, but it was still 100% a much-needed vacation. One of my clients went away for a bit too, and we were talking about how much we needed that change of scenery. More stimulation, less work, none of the same day-to-day we’ve been going through for what seems like years (oh wait, it has been years at this point).

I know there’s a pandemic going on, but if you’re in a slump, try to get away for a bit. Get out of your bubble (safely) if you can. I highly recommend it. Concerned about flying? It was pretty standard, you just wear a mask, and that wasn’t a big deal at all.

Realtor® Stuff

I just got a great new listing that consists of two houses on one 5-acre lot. It would be an excellent place for an RV park, but I think we’re going to try selling it as residential or residential income. We’ll get some pictures taken and start the process soon, so I’ll keep you guys in the loop.

On another good note, I had closed the other day that defied time and space in quickness. It went crazy-fast. It was an FHA loan and the lender was totally on top of things, so we closed in less than three weeks. I’ll take that all day long.

On a more disappointing note, another land deal of mine was terminated. It’s sad news, but I’m okay. The buyer hadn’t seen the lot before making his offer, and when he did, he simply didn’t like it enough. So, yes, it’s a bummer, but it’s expensive to build in the mountains, so everyone needs to be totally prepared for that.

Over and out for this week, and looking forward to chatting next week! Stay safe. Be kind!

Buyer Needs

  • A vacant land lot with mature coniferous trees, 2+ acres, private, within 20 minutes (15 would be better) of civilization; $300k. Or; all of the above with a rustic mountain modern ranch home; up to $800k.
  • Horse property in Conifer or Pine with nice usable land and an indoor arena or a place to put one. Up to $1.2 Million.
  • An ultra-modern home in Solterra within walking distance to the clubhouse would be great. Up to $1.4 million-ish.
  • A top-of-the-line, open concept kitchen, dining family room in the Highlands Ranch area. Don’t want a mansion (under 7000 square feet) but are able to do $2 million+.
  • Buyer looking in Conifer, Pine, Morrison, South Evergreen area for a nice size home (2000+ square feet) with Great internet. Up to $625k.
  • One of my best buds is looking for the impossible, (you know who you are, Lisa). Dream home in Evergreen for under $700k. Imagine the Biltmore.
  • Buyer looking in Pine, Conifer, Morrison area for a rustic cabin fixer upper. Well, and septic are kind of a must but we will look at anything.
  • An amazing small business owner in Conifer, looking for a single-family home on a good size lot. Privacy is important, willing to fix up, must have a garage, ideally two separate living areas, and would like to be in the Conifer, Bailey, Pine, Morrison area. Around the mid $400s. No HOAs.

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