Colorado Real Estate is Going Strong

Colorado Real Estate is Going Strong

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 04/13/23

Tag just got home from a few days of camping and fishing solo. He seems much rejuvenated, which, you know, is so necessary. I mean, we all need to take that invaluable me-time. I think the time off and away is really healthy every now and then. Re-center, make the time; you’ll be glad you did. Now, I’ll step off my soapbox. 

The kids and I had a nice time together while he was gone. I worked a bunch, but we still got a lot of laughs in. I took them and my mother-in-law to an Easter theatrical performance a client invited us to. It was really cool, and the kids enjoyed it. My client was actually in it, and he was super impressive. 

Sunday, we had some friends over for Easter. The kids ate chocolate and potato chips all day, and I, for one, am here for it. It was busy because I worked too, but it was a good day all around.  

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

Great news! I got my buyers– who I met four years ago at my very first open house– under contract last weekend. We beat out four offers. 

This is becoming a habit; I’ve recently had to beat out multiple offers with three other clients. So, don’t go underestimating the market right now. Multiple offers are still happening, and often. To be fair, these houses are all move-in ready and upwards of $600,000, soooo…

I have a listing in Louisville about to be ready to go, which is exciting, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you guys. And I’ve been showing some places to other clients (and found one that checked all the boxes for one couple- heck, yes!), and have some closings on the horizon, so, yeah, things are moving right along—so much good stuff.

I did a zoom listing appointment a couple days ago, but the house has tenants living in it, so we have to navigate through that, which hopefully won’t be complicated. It’s an excellent time to list, and this house is incredible, so I know it’ll go fast. 

I have another listing that may need to be a short sale. We’re waiting to hear back from the appraisal. It’s a doozy because the house was originally 800 square feet, and the owner added 3000 square feet of livable but unpermitted space. Oy. 

How To Combat The Rising Prices Around You

Current Denver Area Real Estate Market

Easter Weekend Update

Easter weekend slowed the market this last weekend and buyers chose to spend time with family over looking at homes for sale. Active inventory was up 4.4% to 3,859 homes for sale. New listings and coming soons also declined as sellers understand it's not favorable to list over holiday weekends. Coming soons were down -38.5% and New listings were down -17.9% from the previous week. Pending transactions fell off by -5.1% with 978 units going under contract. Showings were actually up week over week by 7.5% with 12,358 showings set, for an average of 3.2 shows per property. Last week saw approximately 13 showings to go under contract and a median of 7 days on market for units going under contract last week. Only 25.1% of pending transactions had to make a price reduction to go under contract with an average reduction of -4.3% from the original price.

Upcoming Events

  • GYROKINESIS® In Studio with Maggie- Movement that addresses the entire body? Stress relief on a platter? I’ll take it. 
  • Beyond Mid-Life- If you’re beyond life’s middle stage and trying to figure it all out, you’re not alone. This event can give you some insight into living with intention. 
  • Women Who Play Disc Golf Badly- A Friday morning mingle that will start the day off right. Bring your disc. Bring your water. Let’s play some disc golf!
  • Pop-Up Picnic Park Date for Couples!- The weather outside is delightful, so snag a partner and picnic it up.
  • April Moms Night Out- I don’t care when. I don’t care where. I don’t care how much. You had me at Mom's Night Out.

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