Denver Real Estate is Sitting Pretty

Denver Real Estate is Sitting Pretty

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 03/30/23

We went to our British friend’s house over the weekend and made bangers and mash. If you haven’t had it, you’ll want to jump in with both feet. It’s so good. Pro tip: get HP sauce, too. 

Have you guys been skiing this season? We have one pass left to use, so we’re gonna try to get out soon. It’s been a pretty great winter for skiing, and the kids have both done great. Bridger did his first black diamond the other day (I wasn’t even there, or that would not have happened). He said he only hit four trees. Ugh. 

We’re planning a family trip for the summer to the Airbnb. Can. Not. Wait. I invited my sisters, but they’re not gonna make it. They want to come here to Colorado. Neither has seen our house yet. Come on, ladies, make it happen. 

I forgot to mention that we had Sterling’s birthday at Golden Rec center last week. He had so much fun. I recommend it much. It was super organized. 

Bridger’s football practices have started, so we’re in for more driving and spectating. I actually really enjoy it, if I’m honest. 

My Colorado Real Estate Activity

I took clients to a showing that went great. They loved it, and we wrote an offer immediately. They shut down the showings straight away and accepted. Woohoo! These clients are great; they own the gym I go to. The house is excellent. Great views. I’m so excited for them. Inspections have happened, and only a couple of things came up, but we’re sorting it all out now. 

My Ft. Lupton listing and my land listing are under contract now. I actually have four things under contract at this exact moment. Things are going well with each.

Today I’m going to the courthouse to help a friend with a probate matter. I’ve never done this before, and it’s certainly a learning experience.   

My clients in WA have sold their house there and can now get to buying a house here without that hanging over their heads. Things should go smoother in this process now.

I have new buyers looking for an urban farm property. They found me on my YouTube channel, which is pretty cool.

What Sellers Need To Know About the Spring Housing Market?

Current Denver Area Real Estate Market

Still Spring Break

Several school districts around Metro Denver were still on Spring Break last week slowing pending and showing activity. Overall this week we had approximately 3,690 units for sale heading into last weekend, down -0.8% WOW and pending units were also down -0.4% WOW with 1014 units going under contract. Months supply of inventory remained tight at 0.8 months. The odds of selling dropped to 64%, down from it's peak 66.3% in the first week in March. With 14,238 showings set last week active listings averaged 3.9 showings and it was approximately 14 showings to go under contract. Median DOM held at 8, and has consistently stayed here for the last 3 weeks. Of the units that went under contract last week 25.2% reduced their price for an average of -4.9% from the original price or $35,409.

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