Girls’ Night Fail and Ice Cream Win and All My New Listings

Girls’ Night Fail and Ice Cream Win and All My New Listings

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

Have you ever planned to host a much-needed girls’ night and had it completely ruined due to a power outage? Me neither until last Saturday. How annoying. A few of my faves were supposed to come over to watch movies and eat junk food because Tag took the boys camping. We were all really excited. Super bummed it didn’t work out. 

Even more upsetting was that I made homemade ice cream! I mean, who does that? And we lost electricity during the process. I had to eat what I made ASAP since we didn’t have a freezer. Not to toot my own horn, but for halfway made ice cream, it wasn’t horrible.  

But on the plus side, I got a whole bunch of sleep. We’re talking 9 pm to noon the next day and was still incomplete lounge-mode when the boys got home from their camping trip. It was nice to be solo for the night if I’m being honest. The sleep thing threw me all out of whack though and I ended up getting up at 1 am to start working on Monday and didn’t stop until 8 pm Monday night. Got lots done.

The kids are enjoying camp. I know Sterling would love to stay home and sit on the iPad all day just as much, but enough is enough with the devices.

My parents are still planning to come for a visit at some point this summer. My mom will be coming from South Carolina and my dad from Sweden. Maybe it’s the little girl in me, but I’d really love for them to be here at the same time. Not sure they’d be thrilled, but… They divorced when I was eight, so it’d be a bit of a dream come true if we could all hang out together and vacay. Not getting my hopes up, but just thought I’d put it out in the universe in case it’s listening.

If you live in the Pine area I’m sure you’re aware that it snowed the other night. Yep. That’s correct. It’s June. It snowed. Colorado, folks.

Realtor® Stuff

I’ve got two new listings live and I’m really excited about them both.

The 3/3 in Bailey is going for $439,000. It’s such a great house. Stop by on Saturday, June 13! We can’t have open houses yet, but we are having staggered showings for this property but you must call ahead to book a time or else the neighbors may have a fit, I don’t want to risk my license. I also invite you to attend the Virtual Open House on Saturday from 9 am to 10 am just click here to register.

Following that, the staggering showings By Appointment Only will commence. Sign up for your walk-thru between 10 am and 3 pm by calling or texting me at 303-328-8800 to book.

Next, we have the 4/4 in Franktown that’s going for $849,500. It’s the 5-acre horse property I’ve mentioned in posts past and it’s super nice. Don’t take my word for it. Come see it! We’ll be doing the staggered showings with this one too, as well as the Virtual Open House from 9 am to 10 am on Sunday, June 14th. Click here to register for this Virtual Open House.

So, just sign up for a block of time between 10 am and 3 pm on Sunday, June 14 and you’ll be invited in during your time slot, get a one-on-one tour with yours truly, then be on your way. Call or text me at 303-328-8800 to book a time slot.


And, if my declaration of these homes’ beauty doesn’t pull you in, perhaps your entry to win a free Ring Doorbell will entice you. Come see me this weekend at one or both of these houses and you’ll be entered. I’ll choose the winner live on Tuesday and post the video to my Facebook page.

Speaking of listings, I just got a new one that hasn’t been listed yet but that happens on the 24th. It’s a whopping 3600 sqft in Belmar, on a ⅓ acre lot with big trees. The house itself could use some updates but is move-in ready for someone who wants to put in some elbow grease, and the sewer is clean and good and we all love that. Get pics out there ASAP.

Realtorly Advice

As far as the housing market is concerned, it’s bouncing back quickly. We’re all busy with buyers and sellers, so if you’re on the fence right now about doing one or the other, you can really make the move.

There’s a low inventory of homes, but interest rates are so low, I still recommend taking a look. Even if you buy high, these interest rates will keep you financially where you want to be.

Week Two of the Home Selling Process

When selling your home, make sure you find an agent that you connect with and that has an open communication style of working. We’ve talked about this before, but communication is going to be key to this process being a success.

Also, agents aren’t allowed to represent both sides of the home-buying/home-selling deal in Colorado. We can be transaction brokers for both sides but that means we can’t advise or negotiate for you, which, let’s be honest, is really our job.

I think it’s important to have an agent that’s working specifically for YOU, whatever part you’re involved in. I’m saying this because one of my sellers was thinking of working with an agent who knew an investor who would buy the home.

Be very careful with scenarios like this. If an agent has ties to both sides of the deal, you never really know who they’re advocating for more. So, just be cautious. Depending on your particular needs this could be great or it could be horrific. 

We all have access to many of the same resources so choose someone you can communicate well with and who can best serve you.  

Human Advice

I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t say a few things about what’s happening around the world and in our nation. I’m gonna bullet point this:

  • Keep social distancing and being respectful, people are still concerned and scared and COVID is still here.

  • I am saddened by the horrible images I’ve been seeing in the news lately, albeit they are not new. I believe that standing with my fellow humans of every race, gender, ethnicity, and economic standing is my duty- and I’m proud to do it. There is no place for the injustices we’ve seen throughout history and still today, in the world I want my children growing up and I plan to do my part to get them (and myself) educated on how I can help and make change for the betterment of their future, and the end of social inequality.


Work With Victoria

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