Kids Are at Camp, Now What?

Kids Are at Camp, Now What?

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21


Well, I got what I’ve been asking for, the kids are away at camp. I don’t mind telling you I’m very excited. The peace and quiet are heavenly. I feel that I’m way too focused on the chicks now, however. I took them outside for the first time and they didn’t really know what to do, they just kinda huddled together, but it was super cute.

I started reading a book that I’m hoping will help me be a better mom, it’s called The Whole-Brain Child and teaches parents how to help their children use both sides of their brain so it’s not so difficult later in life to do so. It’s really interesting.

Also, in my newfound alone-time, I’ve been fantasizing about going on vacations and traveling. Whitesand beaches, ocean-front, bikini, the works. Sounds good, am I right? It’s fun until I remember that it’s not possible right now.

But what IS possible, is I’m going to an outdoor yoga class with some friends next Thursday and I can’t wait (I know, that’s not much of a comparison, but it’s the little things). I haven’t worked out as much as I had hoped during quarantine, so I’m optimistic that this class will make me lose a whole bunch of weight and I’ll get really toned up pretty much immediately. (Don’t rain on my parade with this one.)

Tag planted a bunch of flowers in the yard and they look great. I oversaw the project.

Oh, we had our last puppy class and it was sincerely embarrassing. Kamper was the worst he’s ever been, he literally wouldn’t even eat an effing dog treat on command. So, I guess he’s in for another series of classes.

And, that’s about it. I don’t want to say I’m bored without the kids, per se, but it’s really different and as I appreciate and welcome the silence, I’m almost unsure what to do with myself. So, of course, I throw myself into work as much as possible.

Realtorly Advice

Let’s discuss the deal that never dies: the cabin in Westcliffe. I told you how we finally figured out the heating and that’s great, but now we’re having an issue getting an appraiser out to the house.

The lender orders the appraisals and there cannot be any type of relationship between the lender and the appraiser, the appraiser must be completely neutral, so our lender found someone to come out, but not until five days AFTER the date we’re supposed to close on the house. So, we had to push our dates and deadlines back, and to be honest, I was terrified we’d end up losing the house because of it. I mean, the sellers have been so accommodating, giving a lot of money toward the new heating system and all that, so changing the closing date was giving me night sweats.  

That said, they were very gracious and they verbally told us the new dates were okay, so as you can imagine, we’re all very happy. Just waiting to get it in writing...

I have a new listing for a house I sold to my friends (they’re moving to Texas for work), and I’ll be working with a relocation company with this one. I haven’t done this before, but the company will end up taking pretty much all of my commission. Working with a relocation company has its pros and cons for the client. The main pro is that they pay the client’s closing costs. The main con is that there is a ton more paperwork and work involved and they take pretty much all of my commission, as I mentioned before. That said, I am so happy to be helping my friends (I was going to give them a discount anyway) move on to their next chapter in life.

I also have that super cool house in Pine that I’ll be listing at the beginning of July. It’s never a good idea to list a house during a holiday weekend, so I’m hoping it will be okay with the sellers to list after the 4th of July weekend. It’s important to have the most people possible around in order to get the most action on the house, so if you list during a holiday, you may miss out on a big portion of eyeballs due to travel and parties, etc.  

Also, the Franktown listing will be going live next week as well. We thought it was going to be this week but the sellers are busting their butts to get it in tip-top shape for photos so it took a couple of days longer than planned.

Week One of Getting Your House Ready to Sell: Staging a House


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