Let’s Make a Difference

Let’s Make a Difference

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21


This holiday season, I think it would be fun to really work on making a difference. That comes in many forms. 

Make a difference in your health. For instance, yesterday, I completed the extraordinarily challenging RX Workout in CrossFit. Yes, I’m paying the price because that workout is no joke, but I did it. I’m super proud of myself even though it made me almost throw up, and now I have a cough. 

Make a difference in your me-time. For instance, I have a new obsession. It’s a show called Younger. It’s so good. A 40-year-old woman pretends to be 26 to get a job. Looking 26 at 40, where do I sign up? But, it’s giving me some time for myself that’s super easy and fun, and I don’t feel that I need to be doing anything else (no guilt at all), and that’s a necessary time to make for yourself.

Make a difference in family time. For instance, the kids are back to fully remote-learning after Thanksgiving break, but Sterling will still be in daycare, so I have a bit of saving grace. But I’m going to really support Bridger through this strange learning journey and make some memories that don’t involve tears or throwing shoes.

Side note, we have no COVID cases in our school, but may not be allowed to have small gatherings in our home, so I’m thinking we can’t have Bridger’s sleepover for his birthday. I don’t know what to do, he’s so upset. Last year his birthday was awful; we went to Jumpstreet, and true to Bridger-form, he twisted his ankle within the first 20 minutes. Anyway, thoughts on this year’s party with a few friends from his school?

Oh, another side note, Bridger is going to tell his crush that he likes her today! He’s been really talking it up, and I want to be supportive, but I’m so nervous for him. I’m projecting; of course, because I’ve always been so awkward, I’m scared he’ll be rejected. He’s stoked to tell her, though. So, I told him to give her an out, say something about her not having to feel the same, but he just wants her to know. I mean, this could be a defining moment in his childhood, based on her reaction. The pressure. I can’t handle it. 

More family-time-difference stuff. My mom’s now unable to come for the holiday and that’s okay, we’re staying positive about it because health is important. We’re still going to Facetime with her and use the time to tell her that we’re grateful she’s in our lives and able to visit with us on our technological devices this holiday. 

Make a difference in your relationship. For instance, Tag and I completed the couple’s retreat last weekend, and it went great. Turns out, we’re entirely on the same page about almost everything. Who knew? Actually, we communicate super well, so we did kinda know, but we want to keep that up. We’ve decided that every quarter one of us is going to prepare something for us to do together that we’ve never done before. I’m booking an improve class for us. It’s online and lasts eight weeks. This should be interesting. 

Make a difference in your community. For instance, Georgetown has a tree lighting ceremony every year, and it’s exquisite. Well, my friend is on the board for Clear Creek Tourism, and she told me it’s been canceled this year. I mean, that’s a lot of events dunzo, and a lot of dollars taken away from the community. 

Georgetown basically survives on the Christmas stuff that goes on every year. I used to have a shoe store there, and those two weeks around Christmas are the money-makers for the year! I’m so worried about the small businesses. I had the idea of doing the tree lighting ceremony virtually and in order to promote the holiday spirit. I think I have all the necessary technical resources to help out. In addition, perhaps we do a wassail tutorial, maybe get a band to play, have a reading, some carolers. I don’t know. I’ll take ideas. I used to be on the Promotions Board for Georgetown, so I’m gonna call the current chair and see if there’s interest. Let’s keep the tradition alive! Support Georgetown

And another, make a difference in your community. Looking for excellent framing? Check out the frame shop in town called Aspen Park Art and Framing located at 10875 US Highway 285 Conifer Unit D201-B, next to the Keller Williams office, phone number (303) 838-985. The owner is Coreen Renyolds, and she’s the nicest lady ever. Go get the perfect frame for the kids’ school photos to give them as gifts to the fam.

Colorado Real Estate Info

The Real Estate market is going strong. My advice to you is to keep looking for houses through the holidays because a lot of other buyers will drop off for the next month or so. It’s just a slow time. Everyone will come back in January. So, you keep looking. Don’t let your frustration get the best of you. Regroup, chin-up, stay strong. 

Here’s what’s going on in the greater Denver area: there are. 5 months of inventory at the moment, making it an extreme seller’s market. This means that if nothing new came on the market if it just stopped, the inventory would sell out in 2 weeks. That’s intense. For you to better understand, if it were an equal seller/buyer market, there would be six months of inventory available. 

I don’t see this changing soon, and I am not alone on this, but with COVID, it’s anyone’s guess.

Now is still a great time to buy, though. Those interest rates! Here’s how it looks: if you were to buy a house for $600,000 at 2% interest, you’d be paying the exact same monthly payment as if you bought a house for $375,000 at 6% interest. The moral of the story: prices may seem inflated but look at the interest rate too if you’re planning to be in the house long-term. 

Make Your Life Better

The series of goal-setting and getting better continues. This time, think about your someday goal. If you never died, where would you like to be someday? What’s your financial situation? Think about family, career, relationships, health. How many cats do you see living with you? Don’t think what’s possible; go beyond the realm of possibility. The sky’s the limit.

Before I forget, let me offer you four exciting Real Estate tools.

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