Market Improvements and Nutrition Challenges, Not So Much

Market Improvements and Nutrition Challenges, Not So Much

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 01/20/22

This week we had our office holiday party, and it took us nearly two hours to get there. There was a jackknifed Amazon truck on the highway, and we were the first car stopped to sit and wait for the tow truck to come. Front row seats, baby. Nothing but the best for this crew. 

Other than that, this weekend was quite quiet. Our good friend came over with her kids, and it was pleasant and relaxing. I made some food, and we just sat around and chatted. Tag went ice fishing and caught precisely nada. 

The Education branch of the Agent Leadership Committee is going well. We had our first meeting this week, and it went great. I hope we can implement our program in other offices, and it can be something that helps get motivated agents to do their job well. It really boils down to confidence. I think it’s best to imagine what it looks like to be successful at something, and then I pretend that I’m there, and it really helps. It’s known as fake it till you make it. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. But let’s keep that little secret between us. 

I started that nutrition challenge that I told you about. It’s not going well. But what IS going well is my excitement for this Vegas trip. I’ve spoken to some agents who will be there, and we’re going to put some videos together about places to live in and around the US to help people understand that moving outside of Colorado may be a great option for them. If your quality of life will be improved by a move, do it. I want to focus on great places to retire around the country and turn it into a Youtube show. We’ll see how it goes. 

Okay, so who’s had COVID? Not sure? Me neither. But, man, it looks like everyone is just gonna get it. My mom had a little episode with her high blood pressure (not COVID related), and thankfully someone was around to help her—scary times. I just want us to all be healthy, safe, and responsible. I guess that’s pretty much the sentiment of 2020, 2021, and 2022. 

Colorado Realtor Activity

I’m trying to find my client a home in Denver on a pretty tight budget and when I tell you it’s keeping me up at night, I’m not lyin’. Prices have drastically changed in the past handful of years. My plan is to try and find a condo that she likes or an expired listing that would like to sell off market. Wish me luck!!

Some friends want me to help them find a house in Buena Vista. It’s a good gig if a house ever becomes available. 

Last I checked, there were 3202 listings in the Denver MLS (the biggest MLS in the state). I’d say the majority of the stuff listed is in the Denver MLS. I think we need 10,000 total listings for the market to be balanced. Sooooo, you do the math. 

There are around 45,000 agents in the Denver area, too. Sooooo, you can do that math too. 

I’m checking out some new townhomes in Berkeley Shores (Arvada) this week. It’s a new subdivision that will be ready in July. I have some buyers who may benefit from this option. Don’t forget, interest rates are climbing up. Slowly, but climbing. They hit 4% this week but then dropped back down a little. Interest rates matter because they could mean the difference between qualifying and not qualifying for a buyer. Scary!! 

Alrighty, that’s all for now. Have a productive week and let’s chat again next week! Enjoy!

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