No COVID for Us for Thanksgiving

No COVID for Us for Thanksgiving

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 01/1/22

Good news! The boys do NOT have COVID, but they do have a cold. Not sure how that’s possible, but apparently, it is. They’ve been home from school this week but are (thankfully) headed back today! Good thing, too, because I have a flat tire and my car is in the shop. 

I ordered 11 boxes of butter braids (six in each box) and 100 pies to deliver as gifts to clients. So I have 166 things to deliver IN PERSON. These things need to stay frozen, and oh, yeah, we just have a regular, standard freezer at my house- the kind attached to a fridge. Which, incidentally, is currently home to my family’s frozen necessities. Sooooo…. that’s exciting. What’s gonna happen? I do not know. But I’ll fill you in on it. 

My mom is here on Saturday! Dad comes Wednesday. Good times. Let the awkwardness commence! I’m actually quite excited. I do love Thanksgiving. Which reminds me, I think next week’s Thursday’s post will not happen. 

Okay, tell me your thoughts on this: In the new year, I may start doing a podcast with other agents who have had crazy experiences. I think it could be super hilarious. I mean, I’ve had some doozies and I’ve heard some doozies- there are loads of great stories floating around. It’ll be fun for homebuyers, sellers, agents, the real estate world, and everyday folks, too. I think I just talked myself into it. 

Colorado Realtor Stuff

Well, my Ridge Road may be back on the market because the buyers can’t sell their house. This is such a bummer because stuff like this keeps happening to this property, and it’s TRULY no fault of the property! I know I can’t control everything, but it’s really upsetting, and I feel bad for my sellers. I’m trying to take an it’s-not-meant-to-be approach but keep getting sucked into a when-the-f$#k-will-this-house-sell approach. 

Better note, I have an appointment for a new listing on Saturday (before my mom gets here). I really hope I can help this client. The house is in a bit of disrepair, but the area is excellent, so fingers crossed we can figure it out. I’m optimistic we will. 

Coming up: I’ve decided that when I have a conversation with a prospective new client, I’m going to put together a market analysis and a 10-point sales plan unique to their needs. So, if you’re interested in learning about how I will handle your property (and yourself) throughout the home buying or selling process, I’m here to help. 

Alrighty, I hope everybody enjoys their holiday and overeats and doesn’t feel guilty and over-shares and doesn’t feel judged and over-loves and DOES feel that love back! 

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