Stress: The Ultimate Killjoy

Stress: The Ultimate Killjoy

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 03/10/22

I’m having a much better week this week! You know, sometimes you just have those tough ones, and they grab you and control every little emotion. That’s what happened last week. But, hey, we all survived it and are that much stronger for it. I love my kids. I love my husband. They love me. I think. 

I was stressed and reacted to situations in manners I’m not proud of. That said, we’re all human, right? I’m a work in progress, and I recognize it and fully admit when I’ve made mistakes. It’s just that sometimes that apology comes later than any of us would like. 

So, now, when the kids and I get into a negative mood, we list off three things that we’re grateful for, and I swear, it immediately turns the mood around. Even for the kids. I’m seriously working on being more sensitive and empathetic to those around me. Also, we’re spending more quality family time together. We’ve started watching the X-Men, and we all love it, and I’m present with them while we do it, not trying to work at the same time or multitask in any other way. Just with them. It’s shockingly nice. 

Stress is a killer, man. I know I don’t handle it well, and I act out. I’m reading this book now; it’s by one of the keynote speakers that was at the KW event I just got back from. It’s called The Happiness Advantage. It talks about how important it is to talk about and label your stress, name it and address it. #workingonit

Speaking of working on it, working out helps with stress, too. Not sure if you knew that (just kidding, everyone knows that). But this week at CrossFit, I made a personal clean and jerk record when I hit 126 lbs., thank you very much. I love working out my stress- literally. 

And then, I think of these #Ukranian families and everything they’re going through, and my heart bleeds for them, and I’m like, I’m mad at Tag for being sick?? I’m complaining about being stressed??  It does put things in perspective, and it’s just a sad realization of how crazy the world is and how REAL stress and danger are affecting millions of lives. It’s too upsetting to think too much about at this moment, but if you want to donate to help Ukraine, there are ways to lend support, and I encourage you to do whatever you can. 

I’m not really sure how to segue here, so, I’m just gonna jump into a happier anecdote: Okay, you guys, we started ordering these premade dinners from Sunbasket. Yes, they’re premade. As in, not just the ingredients are sent, and I cook. They’re totally premade. I’m going to save a million hours a week. This is progress, and I imagine I’ll only need to find a way to save about 500 more hours, and I’ll be able to get everything on my list done.

Another thing that will lend a hand to my saving hours: We started the official mentor-mentee program in my office, and my assistant has supported me on several levels. It’ll be a massive advantage for all parties. People learn, people get help, people get more money. It’s great. 

Lots of cool things in the works:

  • Bridger’s baseball started back up, and I’m eager to start mingling with the other parents
  • Bridger is signed up for football, and he’s looking forward to that
  • I’m taking a class on negotiating this week
  • St. Patty’s day is coming up! I have tickets to a concert (Bonobo), and I’m stoked 
  • Sterling’s birthday is on the 20th
  • Headed to the Saratoga Hot Springs for Spring Break

Colorado Realtor Activity

I have a listing under contract that’s undergoing some inspections right now, and while in normal circumstances, this may cause loads of tension between buyer and seller, it’s just not the case with this transaction. Everyone is on board and really hoping this whole thing works out and wants to ensure it does. It’s a really nice dynamic. No greed. No pressure. Just can-do attitudes. 

And, on the flip side of that stress coin, we put in an offer last week on a house, and my clients didn’t get it. I was so upset. You really just second-guess every move you make when that happens. But, the truth is, you never know what a seller will connect with when they get multiple offers. Turns out, in this case, the buyers who got the house were the first to enter an offer. 

The point is any variable could be the seller’s soft spot; it’s not always the best offer or the highest offer (which, incidentally, we submitted in this case). Sometimes it’s the first offer, the family’s offer, the single mom’s offer, the student who needs to live close to the school’s offer- you get the point. What resonates with the seller is who gets the property, and as much as I’d love to be able to control that for all my clients, I just can’t. I know many agents who feel my pain here. It’s a tough cookie to swallow (and you know how much I love my cookies). 

Also, there’s a fine line between legal and illegal on the seller’s side, so be careful. Fair Housing laws are a real thing and there are protected classes. 

Oh, yeah, and the inventory situation isn’t helping. I mean, when is this dried-up market gonna end? If you want to sell your house, give me a shout, and let’s make it happen! 

Hope you guys have a great week and it’s all positive and stress-free- I’m sure you could use one like that. Talk soon…

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