Summertime and the 'listing’s' Easy

Summertime and the 'listing’s' Easy

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

Hello, summer! Looking for some good summer jams? Look no further, your summer playlist awaits. Thank you, Spotify.

Okay, so I need some advice. I’ve been dropping the kids off at camp and I’m the only one not wearing a mask. Ever. I mean, we’re all outside, it’s super quick, I don’t even get close to anyone. Why is everyone wearing a mask in this scenario? Am I doing it wrong? Should I do it since the collective “they” are doing it? Am I totally inadvertently making some political statement? And, perhaps the most important of questions: are they judging me? Honestly, if one of our kids has COVID then we will all likely get it, mask or no mask.

Ugh. I hate that this is what’s taking up my brain space, yet, here I am. I’m happy that things seem to be turning around for the better in Colorado. Some places are no longer enforcing mask-wearing and in Jeffco, the schools are opening up at the end of August with back-to-freakin’-normal school days. Can I get an amen? (I know this is all subject to change, but I’m gonna choose to believe this is going to be 100% by the state of affairs- for everyone’s safety.)

Mommy dearest has verified her two-week visit in August (Dad hasn’t committed to dates yet, still hopeful for the pair’s timely vacay and the possibility of getting back together).

Oh, man, get this, someone signed me up for a dating service and I keep getting emails matching me with random men. I haven’t opened any of them because it could be some kind of scam, but it’s really fun to show Tag that my perfect match is a 62-year-old doctor from South Dakota who loves sailing and eating monkey bread. Just kidding, I haven’t read any profiles but I imagine there’s one out there that reads very similar to this, and my luck we would be a perfect match. 

Realtor® Stuff

My Bailey listing went under contract in just nine short days with multiple offers, so it went over the asking price! I’m excited, but getting lots of offers is always bittersweet. I hate having to sort through the pros and cons of each offer and present them to my clients. I feel responsible for taking the house away from some to give to others and that’s not a great feeling. Sometimes several of the offers are good, so when that happens, we usually go with the first in line.

It all worked out and my clients are really happy with everything so far.

My Westcliffe clients have had their closing date pushed back so many times I can hardly keep track. It’s due to various reasons on the investor’s side and it’s been frustrating for all parties. I hate being at the mercy of others but in this business, nothing is a done deal until it’s already happened. 

The closing is supposed to be later today, fingers are crossed this goes down, but I’ll let you know next week if it actually happened.

And you guys know about my Franktown clients. We had to terminate the house they were going to buy, it just wasn’t the property for them after further inspection, but I completely support the decision and am hopeful we’ll find them something better suited to their needs.

Yesterday I officially listed the Belmar house in Lakewood. Showings start today! Don’t miss it, it’s a good one! Google 130 S. Carr St., Lakewood, CO 80226. You won’t regret it.

I have a new listing coming in Bailey and it, too, is great. 1600+ square feet, more details to come soon. And a new listing in Pine that’s just under 4000 square feet, stunning, completely redone, coming the third week of July. Excited about both of these!

Okay, I’m going outside to enjoy some summer tunes in the summer weather, but check out my video below to learn about the risks of over-pricing or under-pricing your house.

Use sunscreen! See you here next week.


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