Sweden or Bust

Sweden or Bust

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

Tag really wants to go to Sweden- big time. Like, forever. He looked into crane certifications and found out he can transfer his US certificates there, no problem. That’s huge. And, as luck would have it, in order to work a crane in Sweden, you have to speak English. What are the odds? 

I’m not totally sure what I’d do because real estate is hardcore in Sweden and you can bet your bottom I’d need to speak Swedish fluently.  

In the meantime, If we do this, a big If, we wouldn’t be selling our house here, we’d rent it out and give it a go for a year to see what we think. 

A big plus is that our close friends are moving to England really soon, which normally makes me really sad to think about, but not as much now. They’d be in Europe and that’s pretty cool to think about. Also, as luck would have it, my mom wants to move back to England too. All in all, this could be a great move for us.

On a more hardcore-mom note, I’ve decided to homeschool Bridger through an online program, not the remote learning platform his school is using. For one, a regular online school is probably more organized and knows a bit more about what they’re doing.  But also, if we can move to Sweden before the end of the school year, Bridger won’t miss a beat. 

Honestly, I don’t see the kids going back to school and it working out at least not for long, so I want to be sure he gets a good education, and frankly, I can’t have all that up-in-the-air's hanging around my life. We all need consistency. I’m even kinda looking forward to it. It’ll be fun to hang out with them and be more involved, building a better relationship with them. Probably. 

Who knows, maybe we’ll look back on this time together and be thankful for it. And the stress of real estate is intense, so even though I’ll still work, slowing down will take some pressure off and I’m looking forward to not going full throttle like I am now.

Remarkably, summer’s almost over, only one week of camp left for the boys. That’s crazy. And speaking of Kamp: Kamper is going to doggy daycare and he’s an absolute freak when we get there, he’s so happy. It’s helping with his energy levels which I’ll take all day long. 

And, finally, I taught my office class- A Day in the Life of an Agent. It got me really organized. Felt good. My August is all sorts of planned out now. Hoping to get to CrossFit three times a week like I used to. Also, I’m about to pay off all my student loans- that was my goal this year and I’m pretty proud of myself and so excited. I mean, I’ll be 36 next month so I’ve been paying back loans for over 10 years of my life. Incidentally, I can’t believe I’m going to be 36. Generally, I feel 17.

Realtor® Stuff

We partially closed on the Lakewood house, which sold at the asking price. A large, happy family will be moving in tomorrow. I’m gonna go and welcome them by handing over the keys in person at the Chicago Title where the final part of the closing will take place. Usually, handing the keys over to the new homeowner is ceremonious, but in the current climate, it’s been less so. So, I’m excited to turn it into a little event. We all deserve that.  

On another note, we lost a place that a client (and one of my closest/oldest friends) wanted in Buena Vista due to several overbids. It’s an interesting market because ever since people started working from home and companies realizing it’s not so bad and it’s less overhead, workers can move away from downtown offices into more rural areas. I’m thinking this is going to be a new trend for a while.

My Franktown listing is under contract and my sellers are scared they’ll be homeless soon. We’re looking for a 20+ acre property, turnkey, at least 3000 square feet, horse property, with a domestic well, no more than $700k. Oh, also, we need dark skies, a south-oriented position, with views east and west and no light pollution (he’s an amateur astronomer). If there’s a high point on the land, reaching above the house, that’s ideal. Does anyone know of something that meets those criteria?

I see a lot of driving around in the future.

Coming soon is 34727 Circle Drive in Pine, see pictures below. It’s gorgeous. It’s a showhouse that looks to be an old Victorian, but it was built in 1992. Every surface has been updated in the past four years. It’s a 4 bedroom (with a 3 bedroom septic), 3 bathroom, with a brand new refinished basement and almost 4000 sqft. Amazing. See for yourself!

That’s about it for now. Thanks for the visit! Stay safe out there and hope to see you here next week!


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