Thanksgiving Nerves and Listing News

Thanksgiving Nerves and Listing News

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/15/21

Sterling is like a dog with a bone when it comes to his Halloween candy, and I’m running out of places to hide it (that’s easily accessible to me, of course). I’m taking suggestions. He’ll be toothless next year at this time if I don’t figure something out.

Nevertheless, Halloween was fun, and we opted to go with our tried and true tradition in Golden. It was fun but short-lived. We had a week of getting and eating candy, so we literally went around the block on trick-or-treat night. Still an overall success, though. 

Tag is hunting in Montana with his friends and our new camper, so the kids, our houseguest, and I are holding down the fort. I’m eager to get camping myself! Looking for some good spots- got some? 

Big news! My mom and dad will both be here for Thanksgiving. I mean, this is gonna be intense. They’ll only have three days here together, but they will be doozies! Dad will stay for a couple of weeks and I’m really excited because we haven’t seen each other for over two years. Thanks, COVID. I’m a bit anxious to see how those three days pan out. I stopped drinking almost two years ago, but.

I’m getting very excited for my housemate’s wife and their kids to get back here. Bridger introduced us to them when he became friends with the daughter. Even though Bridger switched schools, we stayed close with the family, and now he and their daughter may end up in the same school again because they may live near us in the mountains. Good stuff! Can’t wait! 

And, I’m sure you’re all wondering how Kamper’s haircut is going: he’s at the groomers as I write this. Anything will be better than what it was. Thank you, Sterling. A dog groomer, you are not.

Colorado Realtor® Activity 

I’ve got four places under contract! All are moving along well, with only a few hiccups. 

  • Smokin’ deal in Denver under contract for my first-time homebuyer. It’s a great floorplan, and the cost was way down due to some excellent negotiations.

  • My land listing ran into a snag with the survey; the plat is off. The buyers are cooperating, but we’re spending some dough on getting this sold.

  • My client found a house in Conifer and took one of the seven homes listed. I mean, seven. That’s just craziness. There were loads of issues found, though. Luckily, the sellers are being super. (The house was renovated by Curbio. Do not use curbio. The costs were exorbitant, and the work was shotty at best. Lipstick on a pig, folks.)

I do have someone that I think will no longer be a client very soon. He’s got a pretty unwelcoming attitude, and I constantly need to remind him that I’m on his side and we’re supposed to be a team, but why do I need to do that? I want to work with people who trust that I’m doing all I can for them. I don’t want to waste time trying to convince my clients that I am working for Them. That I have a fiduciary duty to act in their best interest. Am I right? I know he’s been burned in the past but that wasn’t me. 

Real Estate Advice

If you’re a homeowner, call your homeowner insurance agency and see if you can get a rider for your septic or sewer line. It’s not expensive, and it gives excellent protection. If you go to sell your house and find out there are issues with the line, it can run you $20,000! Not good. With a minimal monthly payment, you can spare yourself and save your closing in the future! 

Pro tip: Get the insurance right when you decide to sell your house or before; it’ll take a month to go into effect, but then you’ve got it when your house sells, and the inspection takes place. 

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and are getting prepped for Thanksgiving fun! I know I am- mentally, anyway. 


Buyer Needs

  • A vacant land lot with mature coniferous trees, 2+ acres, private, within 20 minutes (15 would be better) of civilization; $300k. Or; all of the above with a rustic mountain modern ranch home; up to $800k.

  • An ultra-modern home in Solterra within walking distance to the clubhouse would be great. Up to $1.4 million-ish.

  • A top-of-the-line, open concept kitchen, dining family room in the Highlands Ranch area. Don’t want a mansion (under 7000 square feet) but are able to do $2 million+.

  • Buyer looking in Conifer, Pine, Morrison, South Evergreen area for a nice size home (2000+ square feet) with great internet. Up to $625k.

  • Buyer looking in Pine, Conifer, Morrison area for a rustic cabin fixer upper. Well, and septic is kind of a must but we will look at anything.

  • An amazing small business owner in Conifer, looking for a single-family home on a good size lot. Privacy is important, willing to fix up, must have a garage, ideally two separate living areas, and would like to be in the Conifer, Bailey, Pine, Morrison area. Around the mid $400s. No HOAs.

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