When Reality Sets in but the World Keeps Turning

When Reality Sets in but the World Keeps Turning

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

Just over five weeks until schools reopen for in-school learning. After initial overjoy and excitement, I now feel conflicted. Is it safe? Is it smart? Is it fair to the teachers? Can I manage to teach them at home for one-second knowing what I know now about my teaching skills and their listening skills? 

I’m talking with friends about the matter and I’ve reached out to teachers I know. It’s enough to make me want to shut down completely but, like many of you, I need to make an educated decision about how best to get my kids taught while supplying emotional and social support. 

I’m open to suggestions. 

We’ve had some close friends over recently which is certainly helpful, but it also gives me a false feeling of security and normalcy. 

Speaking of which, a friend and her new boyfriend came over last weekend and it was really fun, but so strange because I met her when she was with her soon-to-be-ex-husband and Tag and I are friendly with him too. It’s so odd seeing her with someone else, but she’s really happy and that makes us really happy. I guess, even during COVID, life just keeps moving forward.

The fire in Evergreen certainly didn’t care about the pandemic. Thankfully it is contained now.

Incidentally, Tag worked for the forest service in Buffalo Creek as a firefighter for seven years and if you’re concerned about your home’s likelihood of being affected by a forest fire, please get in touch with me. Tag can tell you if your house is in danger of an impending fire right away, you just tell him your address and he can determine the odds. 

Even the kid's camp had to be moved because of this fire. 

I wish the only thing I had to worry about was Kamper trying to eat the chickens.

In book news, my book club assigned a book that I bought (spending over $30 on it for the audio version) and it’s really good. And it’s also the wrong book. Ugh. But, fine, worth it because I like it so much- Date with Death by Julia Chapman. It’s a fun, little number that reads like a British mystery series. Recommended. 

Realtor® Stuff

Okay, remember last week I was telling you about the meeting I set up with a new seller in Bailey and the man who wanted my Bailey listing for cash (but my clients went another direction)? Well, it went great and he decided to take the house. I’m so happy because it saves everyone a lot of time and money. I’m thrilled with the whole thing.

My Franktown (large horse property) clients are having trouble agreeing on a property. What might be perfect for one of them is not for the other. Generally, I recommend waiting until you find something all parties love but after close to 20 showings all over the state, I am starting to wonder if this unicorn home exists. We aren’t in a rush though, which helps. We had buyers interested in their house but decided against it at the last moment because the 14-year-old daughter didn’t like the basement. I am confident in telling you and the world that my teenage children's preferences will not affect my home-buying decisions, ever. Sorry, not sorry. 

Realtorly Advice 

I’ve been saying this since we started meeting here on my blog, but interest rates are awesome right now. The norm is below 3% for a 30-year conventional mortgage if you have good credit, this is unbelievable and there’s no sign of it turning around anytime soon. If you want to buy, if you want to sell, go for it. Who knows what’s gonna happen with COVID (or the economy), so if you want my unsolicited advice: let’s do this. It would sure be nice to nail down a home purchase if mass inflation becomes a thing, just saying.

Alright, friends, have a marvelous week, stay safe and be kind.

2020: halfway over, yet never got a chance to start, yet seems like it’s been going on for years. Strange times. 


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