Business Building and Tattoos: a Winning Combo

Business Building and Tattoos: a Winning Combo

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

Let me start by saying I’ve had the most hellacious day. You know when you just get slammed with bad news and it affects everything else? That’s where I am right now. One of my clients got some pretty bad news. Can’t go into too much detail, but I’m so bummed for them.

Also, we still only have one chicken laying eggs, and I just don’t get it. I thought we were coming in strong with two, but she just stopped. So, back to uno. I’m probably putting too much pressure on them to perform. Maybe they’re stressed out? Does anyone know anything about chickens? Or eggs? Please reach out if so.

On a positive note, school is going great for the boys and the parents of the boys (Tag and me). And I’m feeling really confident about the decision to put them back in because a friend of mine dropped her son at school the other day and before she even got home, the school was calling her to come back to get him and his brother because he had a cold. No fever. But they thought he had a cold and they wouldn’t let him in. That’s some serious precaution-taking. I’m cool with it. Then they made her get a COVID test. It was negative, by the way.

Two of my Bff's and I are getting matching tattoos and I’m really excited. It’ll be fun. You’ve heard me talk about my friend that’s moving to the UK, well we thought we’d all make the tattoo commitment to each other before she leaves. It’s been fun looking for ideas. I’m wondering where we’ll put them?

The more good news (I’m slowly working myself out of my slump right now), we close on our investment property next week. We’re both excited and feeling the nerves. We hired a management company to help with maintenance and vetting tenants. It’s not cheap, but it’s so worth it (they take 10% of the rent). They’ll help with getting it rented quickly and they have trusted vendors that can help fix it up or with maintenance issues that arise. No late-night phone calls or calls when stuff breaks down- I’ll take it. We’re considering their fee to be an insurance policy stating that stuff will be taken care of properly.

The more bad news (I’m slipping back into the slump- for a sec), we’re still on this diet. I’m so tired. It’s so difficult to cook all this food and shop and figure out what the kids want to eat. It’s truly exhausting. I know last week I was all about it, but this diet is no joke when it comes to time management. On top of that, I’ve been waking up before 4 am and I’m not sure why but it’s not cool.

Realtorly Advice

To all my current homeowners who want to refinance soon, talk to a lender ASAP. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are initiating a fee for refinancing called the Adverse Market Fee. You will soon be charged between .25% and 2.5% or up to .5% of the loan amount at closing on top of any other fees. The point: refinancing won’t be as sweet as it once was.

Realtor® Stuff

I’ve hired a real estate coach to help me build my business and for accountability reasons. I’m hoping to develop systems and procedures that I can eventually share with my future assistant and staff. I’d love to have a little team to work with but not until I build the models of my business so it runs smoothly.

I have two new clients on the horizon. I’m meeting with an old friend of mine to discuss his real estate options and I’m helping a baker I know to find a new home. Both should be a success. I’m really excited about meeting with my old friend because he is kind of a big deal and I aspire to be like him one day. He’s an entrepreneur that has had much business success and he did it all pretty much on his own. I’m not as interested in trying to help him buy or sell something as I am in learning from him. And it means I get to eat in a real restaurant that doesn’t start with ‘Sub’ and end in ‘way’ for the first time since February.

I hope you all have a great weekend and if you’re in a slump, remember that it’ll soon pass. Sometimes we need a bit of a downer day to really appreciate the good ones. There are lots to be positive about. I know that. But I’m gonna stew for a bit and tomorrow will be better. Take care and be kind and I’ll see you next week.

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